Hello Ladies!

Last night we spent some time at our neighbours, chit chatting and enjoying conversation.  Tessa brought it up that working with a large amount of pigs is stressful for her, as if you faint or get knocked over, you could potentially become dinner.  HOLY GOD, that freaks me out.  Could you imagine?  That might be the worst way to go.

They also invited us out to a trivia night next weekend.  I have never been so am looking forward to it.  Apparently there will be 10 people at our table…I believe that is 1/16th of the population here!

We had an early morning, welcoming 201 heifers.   These girls will be breeders and will stay with us permanently.  The majority are a rusty brown colour (which the boss prefers) and are all quite young.

After we finished our day we spent some time with the pets!  Lena spent some time cuddling with Mike before she pooped on him inside his shirt.  hahah.

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We are also a little worried about Jeffery.  We found a few (large) ticks  on him yesterday, and he seems to be skinnier.   Mike also had a huge tick on him, which caused a certain amount of panic…we found three in one day!




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