I don’t have any memories of watching the movie JAWS.  My sister has told me that as kids, we watched the movie.  She said afterward I was screaming all the time and had a lot of nightmares…but I don’t remember watching the movie let alone having total spazouts because of it.

Well, last week JAWS was on television.  I was so uncomfortable, that I didn’t watch it.  It just got under my skin for no reason whatsoever.

And last night before bed, Mike and I decided today we would work on a fence for a few hours and then go an hit the local beach.  The first thing I worried about was sharks.  Mike told me we would be safe, and the odds of a shark attacking are less than being in an auto accident.  It’s funny because I was in New Zealand for New Years, and spent half a day snorkeling in ocean, hardly giving a thought to any sharks.

Sweating from our mornings work, we knocked off around noon, packed up the pup and started our way to Greenhead.

Bathing suit, rash guard (I have to cover my arm in the sun) and sunscreen all added to the heat of the day!  We were looking forward to getting into the water.  (A balmy 35 degrees!).

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The water was perfect.  There was no slow decent, scream or brave dive into the frigidness.  It was beautiful.

We are frolicking in the water, trying to convince Tess to join us.  She actually started to swim with us.  (She looks like she’s a drown rat! And kind of acts like one! haha).

At one point a fish nibbled on Mikes toe and he yelped a bit.  I laughed at him thinking it probably didn’t hurt until the fish bit my toe.  I honestly yelled as I thought I had a chunk missing from my massive big toe.   (I know, I know it does look like I am missing toes!).

Well we were there not 10 minutes when Mike pointed out a 2 meter long shark (approx 6-7 feet).   It was probably 25 feet away!!  It was shocking.  I have never seen a wild shark.  I don’t know how I feel about snorkeling in the ocean anymore!

We walked up the beach and Mike pointed out a few more.

Our little Tessie could have been an afternoon snack for one of these things!  Heck we could have been!

It is a little silly but we did stay in the water for a few hours.  SILLY or CRAZY?  I don’t know, but it was a great afternoon away from work!

3 thoughts on “SHARK! SHAAAAARK!

  1. Yeah, apparently as we found out later: sharks come out on cloudy days (clearly it was VERY sunny at the time, though later in the afternoon a storm did roll in). It’s strange how nature follows the weather, yet we never really take notice. A prime example of this, (and it is also a relief when it happens: the flies disappear when it’s about to rain. We had a massive swarming of flies in October, it was enough to drive you mental.


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