Local Celebrities?

Mike and I went to a Christmas sale today in town.  When we walked in a woman told us we were in the local newspaper!  haha now lets be clear here it was just a photo, (and Mike was cropped out of it a bit) from our quiz night.  Our whole table was photographed together.  Ha, then again everyone we have met, already seems to know us here!  Probably the news of accident got around!

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We’re heading out to tennis in a little bit, but I thought I’d share some photos from the past few days.  If anyone hasn’t noticed I have a slight obsession with our Wuzza.  We have started weening him this morning, so every time he sees us, he is like “WAAAAAAAAAA, WAAAAAAAA” accusing us of abandoning him.  I will say, he can’t possibly be hungry as I don’t think I have seen him stop eating.  We watch him in the morning at sunrise from our bedroom window….until the darker hours of night.  Trust me, the boy’s been eating.   He eve has a little green “lipstick” stain on his chin from the grass!

I secretly hope we can get an ewe when he gets bigger so we can breed more Wuzza’s.   We would have a flock of the friendliest, silliest sheep!

I took some photos of a salad I am bringing to tennis….as a visual keepsake of our first 5 eggs!

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