Holy Sheep!

We got up at 5:30 and headed out to move our bulls and heifers to greener pastures.  Brian and Tessa were needing some extra hands today, so Mike and I went after we finished our work.

We were needed to help drench and spray sheep for protection against lice.  There were 1000 sheep to get through.   I believe they have something like 6,000 sheep total.

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Highlights of Today:

Putting sunscreen on my face, and noticing at the end of the day I had a dirt beard and mustache.

Seeing a venomous snake be bludgeoned to death by Brian and Mike.

Watching Tess (pup) run in the yards fearlessly with the sheep…her true calling.

Getting 150 of our bulls out of the crappiest paddock (full of trees and good hiding places for them) in under 20 minutes.  That is probably a record for us.

Brian and Tessa, they work so hard and crazy long hours, they were done a few hours early with the help…and we’re great to work with for 7 hours.

Standing under those trees, I saw a labyrinth of branches…I was under pressure to find a lost calf, when I saw the view from under the trees.  It was really something else…it took my breath away (so cliche).

Lowlight of Today:

Finding one of the heifers dead in a paddock.  She died while trying to give birth to her calf.   It makes my heart hurt to think about her struggling and dying alone.  She was the most pregnant looking of the bunch.  We would always keep and eye out for her, and were always astonished that she hadn’t had her calf yet.  I think they might have been twins…I really wish we could have helped, but we couldn’t.

3 thoughts on “Holy Sheep!

  1. Those tree’s are gorgeous, what are they?

    That is sad about the Mama there, it is horrible to think on, but you can only do what you can hon.

    So, now that you’ve hung out with multitudes of both, what is more smelly – sheep, pigs, or cattle? I’ve always kind of liked the smell of cattle and horses. Chicken and sheep were hands down the smelliest to me. Pigs didn’t really faze me much even though we had like 800 of them.

    And omg, with all of those sheep you could get your own spinning wheel, and spin your own yarn! And dye it and knit/crochet beautiful things!!!! *envy* You could make your very own Wuzza mittens!!!

    Someday I will have my own wheel.


  2. I really don’t mind horse or cow poop. Chicken and pig poo is pretty foul. Wuzzas poop never really smells…I haven’t really noticed it. Ha, the dogs is probably the worst of the lot!

    I am not sure on the trees….Google is proving to be difficult to search on.

    Spinning wool is something I aspire to do…it would be amazing to have something made from Wuzza’s wool. I really want to breed him. His wool seems to be quite soft.

    Thanks for taking time out to comment on my posts Devon! I love hearing from you! 🙂


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