Two Peas in a Pod.

Yesterday Mike and I went for a walk before we had dinner.  Our obese lamb and simpleton calf started following us.

We chattered and enjoyed the nice sunset.  On the way back we saw the two little hoodlums in a paddock with the bulls.  We both tried calling them over, but in the end decided they would be smart enough to come back on thier own.   It was maybe a kilometer from the house.

We had our dinner, and Mike called me out to the porch.  He was laughing, so curious I went out to see what the commotion was about.

He pointed into the paddock in front of the house.  “Look at Jeffery and Wuzza!”  I could hardly see anything…until I saw a small dark spot followed by a little white spot…running apparently from a big dark blob.  The bulls were chasing our two little boys around, like fresh meat!

I couldn’t help but laugh.

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Mike suggested we go and save them (ie: direct them home).  So we walked out and called them over.  They RAN LIKE THE WIND to safety.

We have also caught the two of them locked in the chicken coop eating all the seeds.  Wuzza has discovered all of the other animals food and has been a total glutton, busting into the house to eat Tess’ food and the pig’s bucket of lupens/barley.  He has even eaten my mint plant (it’s slowly regrowing) the kangaroo paw plant and the wisteria (both long gone…).  Argh, haha let us not forget the veggie garden.   I have nicknamed him “fat bastard”.

Some early morning music…

Little Dragon – Little Man (Tycho Remix)

Lana Del Ray – Video Games

There are some photos of Jeffery at his water trough.  He was pretty upset yesterday, and you can see why!  I wouldn’t “bee” too happy if I had to put my face near those things either!


2 thoughts on “Two Peas in a Pod.

  1. omg those are huge bee’s!!

    Those two sound hilarious, the pictures of them together are so sweet!

    I can remember our goats ate EVERYTHING. Even my favourite book once I left on their stall wall as I was climbing up into the hay loft for a second. My book. damn them. 🙂


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