If I could sum up today in one word, I’d probably choose CIRCLES.  What was supposed to take Mike and I 4(ish) hours to do today, took us nearly 8.5!

I was basically showing him through the three properties, to clean out the troughs.  We were going to also check the soaks (which are large ponds), and make sure the sheep were looking healthy.

The most regretable part is that we did not bring enough water, so now I am suffering a serious headache.  Though I’ll tell ya, drinking a cold glass of water is like winning the lottery after a long hot day!

We did bicker (a little bit (lot) today) HA!  Mostly out of frustration, and the amount of circles I took us through.  At one point while I was driving, Mike asked me where I was headed?  “The driveway” I said it with serious affirmation.  Well as I passed the next set of gates, I quickly realized I had no idea where I was.  Despite having driven past the site 3x.  “Oh, I dont know where I am now”.  Mike just laughed his head off at me.  I am utterly clueless with geographical locations, especially in Australia.  I never know which way we’re going unless I follow the sun.

Despite our bickering, we found/saw some cool things today:

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Tadpoles!  Big ones, the kind you could possibly fry up and eat for dinner (if you were hankering for some).  They were in one of the troughs.  Mike and I decided we would put them all in the near by soak.  Instead of walking over to the water Mike threw his……and killed it.  Just as I was making a fuss over it, he pointed at my feet.  I had crushed one by standing on it.  It was still wiggling.  Anyway!  I managed with Mikes help to save about 30 of them.

A small lamb who needed a little help standing up.  He was a part of the sick mob who got into the grain, I hope he lives.  He was very very weak as you can tell by the photos.

An eagle picking up a baby lamb!  Holy shit eh?

The biggest bull ever.  I walked up to him and then running like a nimble deer to the truck.

300 cockatoos waring with about 10 Galas.  Just behind out house, it is MAYHEM.   I love watching them.   I do wish they were a bit less vocal at 5am.  haha, I think that’s why Wuzzy cries in the mornings.

A dead sheep in the yards.  Unfortunately we knew she was going to die yesterday.  Tessa had shown us she had a fly blown bum.   The wool sometimes catches a lot of poop which is a popular breeding ground for flies.  She was covered in maggots and could hardly move.  We had put some chemical on her to help kill them, and crossed our fingers that she would make it.  Today we discovered her, and had to take her to the bush to be disposed of.

Funny enough, tonight Tessa and Brian stopped by to give us a few things…one was a present.  Tessa scolded me and said I don’t drink enough water so she bought me a traveling 2.5 litre container.   How sweet is that?


4 thoughts on “Circles.

  1. Wow, busy day on the ranch for sure!

    Those tadpoles are MASSIVE!!! Poor sheepies. too 😦

    And yes, that is a super duper present Holly! Water is important! 🙂 Especially in the crazy heat there.


  2. The tadpoles are awesome, no wonder he threw it. They are so chubby, I probably would have done the same thing.

    So an eagle picked up a lamb? That’s intense! Was it one of those golden eagles from “The rescuers down under?” the movie with the mice?

    The photo of the mama sheep is pretty awful. How come her eyes are gone in one day?
    Is there a way to run the sheep through water? To keep the wool more clean? It makes me feel naseous thinking about maggots in her bum… :S

    Yes, you should drink more water. I totally agree, but I am a hypocrite since I never do either…


  3. How big do the frogs get if the tadpoles are that big?

    Yes, drink MORE WATER! Not only will you prevent headaches but you will keep your bladder and kidneys healthy. (From experience living in the tropics.)


  4. Hey Heather, the sheeps wool doesn’t naturally absorb water. And it would be best if they were fully dry, the flies breed in moist condition. They cut off the tails to help prevent the flies doing this to them, though sometimes the odd one has too long of wool (it missed being sheared a few weeks ago). We’ll be cutting tails and skin next spring when all the lambs are born (there will be like 3000!!) I am excited for that though I wasn’t a fan of the actual process in South Australia. I love the little lambs.

    Also they eyes are the most moist and easy to get at…the ants or birds got to it. Apparently it happens to every dead thing.

    The eagle here is a wedge tail, not sure haha if it’s the same one from the movies. Mike and I were stunned when the eagle just picked up the little thing.

    And yes you’re all right about the water, my pee was toxic yellow ahah so definitely was low in the water department!

    Aunt Nan, I have no idea how big these tadpoles will get. Probably mammoth sized. The “older” they are the smaller they are, I saw a few that were almost frog and they were tiny. I think they use the fat on the tadpoles body to create the arms and legs.

    When I saw Tessa last night she was sad about us moving the tadpoles!! Haha, she has been watching them in the tank for 12 months. No doubt another frog will lay more eggs there though, that trough isn’t being used.


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