Last night I was hanging some laundry on the line (as you do here in Australia), when suddenly my left foot started to experience a very painful sting.  I thought to myself, what the hell??  I yelped out in pain and looked down as the bastard wasp flew off my big toe.

My big toe is like a huge landing/launching pad, so I can see how it got it confused with…the ground.  I took some antihistamine straight away, as the last time I was stung was probably 10 years ago.

These past 10 years, I have ducked, ran, screaming, flailing, sweating and spazzing away from all types of bees.   I am a nervous wreck around them, I just can’t handle it.  I have always been terrified that I might be much more allergic now that I am older.  Just the sight of them and I start acting like an escapee mental patient.

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As a kid, I once stepped on a bee, and it swelled so large it looked like it was about to burst like a watermelon.  I have also grabbed one out of my hair, leaving me with a giant sized left hand.

Well I am writing to report that I have not died.  Which is obviously fabulous news!

Shortly after the dramas, Mike returned home to see how I was (possibly checking to see if I was dead?).  He decided then that he would throw some poisonous powder on the huge next in the tree in front of the house.  There are feral bees everywhere.  If we didn’t put poison on them we’d have a tonne of fresh honey!  Anyway, he went out at dusk and came back shortly after.  I heard him yell for me, and I thought the worst!  Do you know what the worst would be (for me?).  A huge snake in the house.  It wasn’t.

“It’s in my hair, IT’S IN MY HAIR!! HELP ME!! AHHHHH”

He was thrashing around in a serious panic, shaking his long hair around.  He must have got it out of his hair as shortly afterward we heard Tess yelp.  She had been standing at our feet the whole time.

The bee stung her, but she got her revenge.  She ate it.  I probably wouldn’t have eaten the wasp that stung me.

– Note’s about the photos-

There is a photo of something indistinguishable.  It is a dead mouse.  It’s been dead for 3 days.  Can you believe that’s all that’s left after the ants got to it??  I hope I never die near ants…or birds.  Heck, around anything.  Fact: I am going to live forever.

The crazy eyed puppy is Tessa’s his name is Choco (like chocolate).  And he is craaaazzy hyper, but so adorable it’s forgivable!

The chickens are also Brian and Tessa’s, they are the same breed as mine.  Which reminds me, last night I saw Mike’s rooster rape my hen.  I felt pretty bad for her.

I am pretty sure that those wasps are the type that got me.  Apparently they hang on that branch every night.

The small eggs are about 1 inch big each.  The have been abandoned…

And of course our breakfast this morning was an awesome omelette from our free range eggs.

4 thoughts on “Ouch.

  1. Lol I do the same thing when it comes to bees. My allergic reactions have been getting worse. But every person who get’s stung becomes more allergic. Just the way it is I guess.
    Glad that you’re okay!

    Gross about the mice. But I don’t blame them. It looks pretty damn hot and dry out there, I would eat a dead mouse if there wasn’t much water around…

    It’s weird Tess and you could be the young and old version of each other.

    Have a good day over there!


  2. oh geez! Those wasps are terrifying! Maybe you should keep an epi-pen handy!

    Poor puppy getting stung too! Nasty buggers!

    Love the pictures – that pup is so cute!


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