I finally summoned up the courage to purchase my first red lipstick (after being told I had to spend an minimum of $10 on eftpos (debit) in our local chemist (drug store).  I had already picked out some over priced toothpaste, and decided that I should like to try something new on my face.  Thankfully for my family, I haven’t taken to facial tattoos, though there was that one time I had my lip pierced.  Come to think of it, it ruined my dads Christmas that year!

The first few thoughts as I held the mystifying tube, were of glamourous women who were voluptuous, striking and confident.

Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot are all women who come to mind.

Then I imagined those not so pleasant images of  smeared lips, and women who attempt to make thier smile bigger by drawing outside the lines with that red stick (it is always so obvious).  Bozo the clown also popped in there, along with a few moments from memory where I noticed a few women with lipstick on her teeth or shirt.  Some women just do not suit red lipstick, was I doomed to be one of these women?

It always seemed that more mature women we’re the ones wearing vivid red lipstick and could really pull it off.

A bit of a flash back to my first experience as a kid with makeup.

My best friend had been wearing eye makeup and had convinced me to put some mascara on.  She took a very long time (I think we were 12) putting the stuff on, and when I finally (excitedly) looked in the mirror, I had spent the better part of 20 minutes imaging myself to look like a superstar.  I was horrified.  Holy lord, it looked like I had long legged spiders living around my eyes.  I thought it looked like a nightmare.  I washed it off pronto.

I don’t think I touched the stuff again till I started getting interested in boys (which some of you may know…was much later on!) ha.

The crap we put on our faces to get boys to like us.

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Men, how much do you prefer a made up woman to an au natural woman?

Women, how much do you prefer going sans make up or going made up?

10 thoughts on “Rouge.

  1. I much prefer to wear minimal natural make up, but I also enjoy a nice bright red lip!! I had to work up to it too, but now it’s easy to wear it, actually makes me feel more confident. Looking awesome!


  2. Holly, you look great! I LOVE how you’re all glammed up with Wuzza!

    I hardly wear any makeup, I don’t have the time or energy (also, I suck at putting it on), but every so often it makes me feel like a girl. I don’t think my husband notices one way or another. lol

    I’m requesting that you do a post on Australian Christmas traditions! What do you guys have planned, are you going to eat BBQ and watermelon (as so I’ve heard is the tradition)?


    • I have seen you with a bit of make up in a photo! And ya looked gorgeous, what I can’t believe is the husband doesn’t notice.

      You should do it every so often, even just to shake up your day a bit (I was filling in some Sunday afternoon time)! Oh man if you and your little girl played dress up haha that would be such a fun photoshoot! Plleeeeeease consider it?
      Also, I will def write an xmas comparison, we have about 10 Kiwis guys coming for Christmas. There’s going to be so much testosterone.


  3. I really like your bangs going across your face. Sleek. As for makeup, I think a bit is good. But some women destroy their faces by over-doing it. I think keeping things “Au Naturel” with a hint of makeup is the key.


  4. I have to agree with Heather. Too much makeup just looks so fake. And my god it’s got to be so bad for your skin!

    You look gorgeous in these photos, and Wuzza is so cute! You can def pull off red lipstick. 😉


  5. I love make-up, natural or extravagant, but I also go out completely bare-faced. Red lipstick I’m still trying to manage. It just feels so bold.


  6. You look good with a bit of rouge. You never were the type to glam it up much, which is always good. There was an article in the Grid last week on how there are more women wearing less – no make up. It’s better than those cake-faces. But some people don’t always have the confidence or complexion to go bare face.


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