Xylophone. Where for art thou?

My little sister always wanted a xylophone for Christmas.  Do you know why?  Because it was the hardest word she could spell.  Every year she asked for one.  (I am unsure if this wish ever came to fruition).  This first track features a nice little xylophone…and she introduced me to the XX.  Andy, I love you (if you ever read this) and even though we’re miles apart, I am still thinking of you this hot sweaty foreign Christmas.

Gorillaz – Crystalized (The XX Cover)

Feist – How Come You Never Go There? (Beck Remix)

Cat Dowling – The Well Runs Dry

I have been listening to this last track quite a bit, I am in love.

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– Notes about the photos –

I was out taking some photos around the house when I came across this little fantail.  She was trying to distract me from something…

The flowers are still in full bloom.  I find it surprising as it is over 35 degrees most days.   How can something so delicate survive?

There was a small lamb at the trough crying out for its mum, she found him shortly after.

To you and your’s, I hope you all enjoy time with your loved ones.

Adieu, for now.

3 thoughts on “Xylophone. Where for art thou?

  1. Merry Christmas Holly and Mike yes she did get the xylophone one year as I have a friend who worked in the music store repairing instruments and found one. Wish we where closer and I had the phone number to call Hugs Love you Mom


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