The First Conversation.

The first thing Mike ever said to me was down right ridiculous.  It was the day after New Years, 2010.  We worked together in a very romantic setting.  The Canadian Rockies.

He asked me:  “What did you do for New Years?”

“Well, I stood out in the forest with a few of the other staff and had champagne around a hot fire…we roasted some hot dogs, watched the night snow fall and I eventually went to bed…What did you get up to?”

-Thick New Zellund Accent-

“Oh, uh, well I spent some time with the boys in Banff.  There were 20 of us or so in a room, and I guess we all got the idea that it would be really cool to sit around naked with manginas”.

“What?” – I probably had to ask him to say it again / language barrier

“hahahaaaa… (he was embarassed) There were no girls around, and we were all very drunk”.

The image might be frightening for some…however, I thought…”Oh my god…he’s my dream man”.   Although this was an odd first impression, I did spend the next few months slowly getting to know this fascinating specimen of a man.  We were like a pair of bashful 12 year olds.

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Two years later, we’re in Western Australia raising a lamb, puppy and a baby kangaroo.  It’s crazy where life takes you (if you let it).

He thankfully did not break up with me when I randomly decided to dye my hair a psychedelic ginger/ranga colour.  Which is the worst thing a girl can do in this part of the world apparently.  (They don’t even sell the colour in stores!  That’s how much it is shunned!).  I will say; he was dismayed at the thought of having a ranga girlfriend.  Looking back at that photo…I might have broken up with myself.

We have done so many amazing and incredible things together since, the road hasn’t always been smoothly paved, but it adds to the adventure, and I am sure the hiccups will be great stories to tell our kids one day.

“Remember when we used to let the little lamb sleep in the living room, and he used to break into the house looking for biscuits?”

I am so glad to have met him.

Mike, I wuv you.

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