2000 & 12

Last night I kept Mike up late on the eve of 2012, asking him about aliens. “What if…they do come this year?  What if they want to destroy all of the people who hurt animals, or each other?  What if…aliens built the pyramids and sent down a man to teach the Mayans about calendars and charting constellations…What if Jesus was an alien?”.

What kind of questions are these you ask?  If you are curious, take a look into something called “Chariot of the Gods”.  It’s an interesting documentary from the 60’s.  I’ll give credit to my granddad who suggested I watch it with him.

I do believe humans are the worst thing on the planet.  We have become all consuming, selfish creatures.  It wouldn’t surprise me if, whatever put us on this planet came back and scolded us for the damage we have caused. Not only to nature, but to ourselves.

Earlier this year we made a bet.  A particularly ridiculous bet…about aliens.

If they do show up, I’ll win an English bulldog.

If they don’t show up, I’ll be paying for a solo flight for Mr. Michael Cresswell to spend a week snowboarding in Japan.

In order to win I need a world wide coverage.  It has to be in the news.  How incredible it would be if aliens did come in our lifetime!  What if they could fix all of the crap we have managed to create.  What if they fixed that insatiable need to own crap, that we all possess.

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-Photo Notes-

We had a flat tire on Christmas Day.  Mike, and I along with his cousin and brother; spent the day snorkeling and exploring the nearby caves.

This is not a snake…it’s actually a legless lizard.  Or is it an alien species?

A gala momma feeding her “little” chick.  Clearly needs to be kicked out of the nest if you ask me!

The Pinnacles (about an hour and a half away)…and the male fascination with phallic symbols.

Our attempt at a Family Portrait.  Less Tess.

The big rooster keeps getting out of the coop.  Tomorrow we might “take care” of him…and by that I mean slaughter.

Our larger than life Lena (kangaroo) who is slowly but surely getting a huge posterior.  “Baby’s got back!”.

Oh yeah, and there’s Wuzza in the kitchen.  As per usual.

4 thoughts on “2000 & 12

  1. Awww.that’s an awesome family portrait! Happy 2012 Holly! I have to side with Mike here, the thought of aliens terrifies me! But I do agree, we as humans have screwed up the Earth – royally! Your littyle corner of the universe seems pretty awesome with your farmily though. 🙂


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