We had a really good day yesterday. Sunday.  The day we rest.  The day… sometimes nothing gets done (aside from light chores).  On those days, we sleep in, potter around the house and generally eat well, play with the animals and eventually enjoy some movie or television program we have recorded.

Well not this Sunday!

We did our chores in the morning and then hopped into the car to hit the beach.  We go snorkeling often at the same spot.  No one is ever around, and it’s awesome.  I love being able to get an up close and personal look at whats happening beneath the waves.  We spent ages swimming and pointing out different types of fish and reef to each other.  We never go too far out, so next weekend I am proposing a competition.  If it was the deepest dive, I’d probably give the gold medal to Mike.  I still choke on the water going down.  I am hopefully going to swim out further!

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Florence + The Machine – No Light (Remix – TV On The Radio)

Lana Del Ray – Born to Die (Woodkid Remix)

This brings me to the first time I went snorkeling.  It was with Mike in New Zealand last new years.  After watching me enjoy the experience (I was hooked!), Mike decided I was really crap at it, and HAD to show me what to do correctly.

Now, I don’t know about most people, but I am as stubborn as they come.  I really should be listening to his advice, instead I kept putting my face into the waves, diving and choking and enjoying my half drowning experience looking for snails.   I just can’t seem to force the water out the pipe.  I blame it on weak lungs.

Notes about the Photos:

I have started a little mini indoor growing operation.  Herbs, of the eating variety (not the smoking).  And a variety of seeds from the native flora.   So far, some of the herbs have been shooting up.

Mike nearly got bitten by a snake leaving the house on Saturday.  He quickly smashed it’s head in, with Tessa’s help!  The poor snake was stuck in it’s hole.  Snakes have such a bad rap.

My good friend Lauren Stratton (who may read this) inspired me to pick up these glass water drinking bottles.

Sewing projects: curtains and pillows!

My lover… dolphin man.  hahah

A self portrait.  I have developed a natural ginger/blonde hair.

A redback spider (with her little pale male partner).  These won’t kill you but you could end up in the hospital…they are everywhere.

Mike, baking some chocolate chip coooooookies.

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