Sweet Love For Planet Earth.

I feel, as a song….this could be the sountrack to my beginning, middle and end.  Yes, there is screaming in there.

The screaming is my favourite part.

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Fuck Buttons – Sweet Love For Planet Earth

I listened for the first time in ages on my ipod today, while driving between paddocks.   This was my snowboarding song.

It might make you feel invincible too.

You may also hate it, and never check out a suggestion of mine again!

(May my snowboarding and skiing friends get some fresh stuff soon!).  

2 thoughts on “Sweet Love For Planet Earth.

  1. I listen to this song all the time. You might also like Bonobo. The Black Sands album is SOOOOOO good. I love background music. It’s totally like theme song music. 🙂


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