Home, Home, Home!

After 9 days travelling to Melbourne and New Zealand, we’re back on the farm.   It’s funny, most of the trip I spent thinking about our little kangaroo, and our teenage sheep, and puppy (who is actually no longer a puppy).  I wondered if they would remember us…

However, when I wasn’t fondly thinking of our little family I was thoroughly enjoying our time in the chillier climate of the land of ferns.  Seriously it was, awesome to feel a little chill in the air.  It was such a welcome break from the past 6 months of 30+ degrees weather.  I had jeans on the whole time.  THE WHOLE TIME!  It has been probably 4 months since I put a pair on last!

Most of our time was spent hiking (with a little deer hunting endeavor)/fishing with friends, relaxing with family, and celebrating a wedding!

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Mike and I loved every second we had in New Zealand.  The time went by so quickly.

One highlight from the trip, was going on a bush walk with Mike’s dad and brother.  His dad brought the gun in case we saw any deer.  The entire hike, I felt like I magically gained 1000 pounds.  I was so exhausted from the hills, it was like I became suddenly obese.  We also had to cross a very narrow foot bridge, and I was basically crapping my pants as Mike and his dad laughed on the other side.  Going on a bush walk with three tough dudes, certainly makes you do less wimpy things.  I did not want to embarrass Mike!!

We also did a major hike around the coast line near Wellington with a few friends to find a good fishing spot.  It required us to get our undies wet crossing the high tide…in the first 3 minutes of the hike.  I had my sweater folded up, shoes off, and thankfully was wearing some athletic quick drying shorts….hoping to god I didn’t slip and go under the water.  I had a wet bottom for the next 4 hours of hiking.  We caught one smallish fish for bait, and as a good deed was not left unpaid, a few fishermen gave Mike and Mark two large fish for helping pull our their boat.

We did some shopping on the way back, in Melbourne.  And Mike got to sit next to a very chatty man.  The kind of man who didn’t notice Mike trying to read the newspaper….for 4 hours.  I had to laugh as I stole Mike’s window seat (as he had done to me on the way to Wellington!).

Lena remembers me (she also looks huge!), Tessie was freaking out with excitement, and Wuzz….could care less.

Next weeked, we’ve got a visitor coming over from Melbourne!  My good friend Emily will be hanging out for a few days!

Don’t pack a sweater Em!  You won’t need one here!!

One thought on “Home, Home, Home!

  1. Oh my! It is SO GORGEOUS THERE! Holy crap!

    It must have felt nice wearing jeans after so long!

    That foot bridge, holy crap! There’s no way you would have gotten me across, lol. Talk about tough men! Good for you Holly! You are far braver than I! lol

    Also, once again, holy beautiful!


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