Emily was here!

My good friend Emily came to visit us for a few days over the weekend.  We used to spent alot of time together in Melbourne, so I was dying to catch up and chill…and have some “girl time”.  Mike and I both really enjoyed having her with us!  She got to see what the farm was all about, get her tennis on in Eneabba with the locals, as well as hit the beach, help for a morning on the farm, chill with the animals, and do the tourist thing at The Pinaccles!  All in 45 degree, sunny weather!

We went swimming about…5x in two days to beat the heat.  Unfortunately with all this swimming, Emily is terrified of sharks in Western Australia!  However, she did brave the ocean and even came snorkeling with us.  Mike and I sometimes forget about the sharks.  It was nice to just relax at the beach!

She also got to name our newest addition to the “farmily”.

Everyone…Meet.  Elly.

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I just had Elly with me and the Kangaroo (Lena), and she is still trying to attack her!  Paws out and all…ha!  Elly just skittered and frolicked around the yard with me, kicking and dancing around.  She is really playful!

Mike and I are in…. l o v e with her.

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