How many ticks?

Today Mike and I found a certain number of ticks on us.

The first person to correctly guess the total combined amount of ticks will win a prize!

Hurry and guess as…..Time is “ticking”!!! 


Here are the first few guesses from Facebook:

Heather Karin Martin ‎3
10 hours ago ·

Heather Irish ‎5
8 hours ago ·

Wendy Davis ‎8
8 hours ago ·

Jocelynn Lee Ann ‎4
8 hours ago ·

Lynne Lavigueur ‎7
8 hours ago ·



3 thoughts on “How many ticks?

  1. first comment – gross!! lol

    second – I guess…8?? I grew up in the Caribbean, and used to spend a LOT of time outside playing with our dogs (who were never allowed in the house) and running around in the bush near our house when I was a kid. I think the record for finding ticks on myself was 3 or 4…so between you, Mike, Wuzza, Leena, Tess and God knows how many sheep, you must have managed at least that many each.


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