We Almost Lost Prince Wuzzy.

Two days ago, Mike and I discovered some really crap news.  Wuzza, had gotten into the chicken feed.

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Unfortunately, for him grain swells when it gets to the gut, and if enough is consumed it can give a sheep “grain poisoning”!

Mike pointed it out that he had diarrhea, and we quickly found the source of the problem.  We were very worried for him, as he wasn’t moving around and foraging like he normally does first thing in the morning.  In fact, there is rare a time when we don’t see him munching away.

We put him into the “killers” paddock which is just beside our house.  I hoped being around the other sheep he would feel more comfortable and relaxed (crazy farm lady approach!) not to mention they had hay and water that should help with his tummy problems.  He was very swollen.

We went to work, and the whole while I was terrified my little prince was dead.  They can die that quickly from this poisoning.

I worried, I would never see him sleeping under the clothes line, or getting into the house to eat the dogs food….or calling back to us when we shout his name, or his now rare cuddles.

Not many people know this, but Wuzza actually helped me heal after the accident.  I put all of my love and effort towards caring for him, which really distracted me from my own brokenness!

We were nervous to find him, however!  When I walked up to him in the paddock, he was totally fine.  He must not have eaten a belly full of the stuff.  He had assimilated with the new sheep and wouldn’t even come (or call back) when I called him.

Now this definitely proves that he hates us! ahah, we’re just glad he is ok.


3 thoughts on “We Almost Lost Prince Wuzzy.

  1. Oh poor baby boy! 😦 SO glad he ended up being ok! It is scary when that happens! I remember my horse got out of her stall one night and got into a bag of grain, and she foundered. The vet came and pumped her stomach, but it was scary to see her laying on the ground unable to get up. SIlly silly animals. We should invent every flavour jelly beans from Harry Potter for them, and make it so one or two will make them feel full.

    Glad to hear Your wee prince is safe and sound!


  2. Oh wow, it affects horses too? You must have had an expensive horse! Man I would love to have some horses here…and a milking cow.

    It’s a wonder some humans cannot eat it, celiac’s disease is not entirely related symptom wise, but it does pose a question as to whether wheat, grain, barley is good for our digestive tract…

    There was a remedy for sodium bicarb – Baking soda+water, however if you give the wrong amount/dilution you could make the bloating worse. I decided to wait it out…

    My first day with Brian and Tessa, 50 lambs were affected by this…getting into a silo…it’s quite strange that even though it makes them sick they still run to it and suck it up in record time…a lot of them died.

    Crazy kids.

    I still have to convince Wuzz to come home…hahah


  3. Awww….50 lambs! It is crazy, but they do love it!

    And yes, horses are ridiculously expensive, but they are also amazing animals. That would be great if you and Mike could get a milking cow! Fresh milk, cream, butter, ice cream, cheese, oh my!

    I hope Wuzza comes back to you soon, the little shite!


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