How did she get past the ants?

Out of morbid curiosity, I decided I would try and get progressive photos of the dead mouse being eaten by the meat ants.

Unfortunately, our dog enjoys the taste of rotten flesh (she’s been known to drag a kangaroo leg home) and has sadly eaten my subject. ¬†However, I did manage to score another photo, nearly 24 hours later…here is what meat ants can do!

Wuzzy and Elly have become little wandering, foraging buddies.

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Tomorrow our good friend Richie M (who is a huge Scottish man we made friends with while living in Melbourne) is coming up for a few days retreat with his girlfriend! ¬†We’re stoked they are coming as it is EASTER WEEKEND!

We were supposed to be helping with crutching today, but it has been drizzling, raining and not great conditions for the sheep. ¬†Crutching, is the shearing of dags off the bums of the ewes/rams/lambs. ¬†Brian and Tessa hire contractors to come in and do this. ¬†We’ve also been giving them shots of selenium, drench and a mysterious yellow substance for thier own health benifits pre birthing…which is in 4 weeks (or less!).

Total numbers…god, I am guessing here: 4000. ¬†I have needled over 4,000 sheep in a week. ¬†I believe after this much medicinal practice I could very well get a Ph D . ¬†haha….giving a sheep a needle is daunting at first, I was very light and dainty at first but after a day of it, found it less gruesome and started to jab a bit more directly.

The drench is to prevent worm infestation (it is a liquid milk they drink). ¬†And the selenium is a mineral not found in this region of Australia. ¬†The yellow medicine I’ll have to double check.

What is interesting about the selenium is…. If a dose is too high and early, many of the newborns will be born limbless. ¬†(Tampering with nature has its consequences), and YET! if they are not given a dose, the young lambs can grow very slowly and be lacking the strength in¬†their¬†muscle.

Administering the proper dose is essential.  Timing is also key.  Too early in development can cause the limbless effect.

So instead of cleaning up the bums of the soon to be mummy’s, I spent the morning getting things ready here for our guests! ¬†Some people call it OCD hahah….but I think most women can relate that a spotless home is key to having guests, as well as peace of mind!

What does OCD mean to you?

I always make the bed, and keep all counters, tables clear of dishes and clutter.   Clutter = no dice.

I go by the saying…”a cluttered space, is a cluttered mind”. ¬†haha I wonder if it also can translate to: ¬†“an empty space, is an empty mind?”.

haha I certainly hope not.

Lana Del Ray – Blue Jeans

Mr. Little Jeans – Runaway

4 thoughts on “How did she get past the ants?

  1. Very cool info on caring for the sheep. I forgot about that aspect of farming – medicine! And how, with the exception of rabies, we gave our animals everything.

    I can remember how terrified I was giving a needle the first time. I pissed the horse off even more by going too slow, lol. We had 500 head of pigs, and my Dad was insanely good at giving them their shots at lightening speed.

    Wuzza and Elly look ADORABLE together! Squeeeeee! He’s totally protective of his wee sis!

    I wish we had the closets space (we have no closets) for me to have an empty house. We have clutter, as D is a pack rat and it drives me nuts. I can’t take it. Too much furniture, too many things, too much stuff. I love empty. I LOVE it. I envy you.

    Happy Easter Holly!


  2. p.s. My collie is gross like that too – she LOVES dead things. I always tell her she should be a cadaver dog. Seriously. BLECH.


  3. Hahah he’s protective of her alright! ahha yesterday he tried mounting her!!! hahahah…it was horrible!

    Giving pigs a shot wouldn’t be so bad if they had alot of fat on them. Hitting the bone is such a gross feeling!

    Have a yard sale? Seriosly, I think my mom and military conditioning forced me to be objectless….Mike just cracked a joke that no one lives in this house. hahaha…
    Happy Easter to you too Dev!


  4. Aw, I knew Wuzza would come around! Those photos of them together are adorable. I agree, after 4,000 jabs you could vaccinate anything. Kylie Minogue has an honorary doctorate for the work she has done in promoting breast cancer, so anything’s possible!! Good timing for the rain on your garden!


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