Wait, they’re not dead?

At 3:39am this morning I awoke for my ritual night time snack.  Easter was last weekend and therefore I was still chugging through my chocolate stash, on the midnight snack train.

When suddenly…

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I checked the incubator (I haven’t been keeping everyone up to date on this little project as I expected total failure!).  Well, our first little one broke free!!  Talk about some seriously awesome 3am news!  I ran to the bedroom and called for Mike to come and see! COME AND SEEEEEEE!!! ahaha, he eventually hopped up and followed me to the kitchen.

Our first little sussex has some spunk and is a chatty Kathy.  We went to bed…though I lay awake for about an hour wishing it was 6am already so I could look again!

4 more shells had little cracks in them from the chicks pecking away from the inside.

We gently helped a few open a bit more, and left to start the days work.

Saturday’s is a half day for us, so when we finished working we headed out to Mike’s first Aussie rules game of the season.   The afternoon was sunny and perfect.

I was counting down all afternoon till the end of the game… Not to find out a winner but! so we could head home to see our chicks.

When we got in, we had… 5!!!!  They are all blonde little ones.  Tomorrow we’ll be putting them into a hutch and hopefully the other eggs hatch as well.  If not, 5 is a good number!  It’s nearly a 50% hatch rate.

I am chuffed with myself right now.

Holly Martin and Mike Cresswell have CREATED LIFE.  It’s freaking cool.

3 thoughts on “Wait, they’re not dead?

  1. Yay! You have babies! That is great Holly! omg they are SO CUTE newly hatched!Then they get SO UGLY! lol Congrats on the new members of your farm!

    You reminded me with your mention of snacking of my roommate in college who used to sleep-eat. I never knew it existed before her. She would literally crawl out of her bed, go get a box of cookies, go back to bed and scarf them down. Sleeping. I used to worry she’d fall asleep mid-swallow!


  2. Holly, you are so funny. I can just see your face lit with glee. Just think how much more excited you will be when you come to create human life rather than chicks. Admittedly, there are a few steps to be taken before that happens. Thank you for this lovely message on a Sunday morning. Well, did Mike’s team win the game?? I’m actually looking forward to it starting up here again – sometime next month. Never thought I’d hear myself say that. I always liked rugby and foote is so much more fun than American football.

    Love you lots and take care of those chicks.
    Aunt Jane


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