Lena died this morning.

I woke up and went to find Lena where I hung her up in her pouch last night.  She had a small cut on her lip that had been bleeding for nearly 3 days, we had taken the steps the vet had told us, and all appeared well.  She was a little woozy.

She was already dead when I found her.  I am so completely crushed and sad that I’ll never see her again.

Mike and I have been reminicing this morning, while we have been working.  I am nearly flooded with tears every 5 minutes.  We are really going to miss her.

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We’ll miss her cuddles, and kisses.

Watching her flop under the clothes line, or beside her favourite tree.

I’ll miss her reaching up for me when she wanted to be picked up.

And the nights she would hop into our bedroom and let us know she was awake…and had peed her bed, and would like a fresh one.

We’ll miss holding her little hands while she’s feeding.  I fed her 992 times.

We had her for 8 months… It really feels empty here now.  I hope she’s in a better place, but I am glad to have known her.


10 thoughts on “Lena died this morning.

  1. Oh no!! That is so sad. I’m all teary reading this. I’m so sorry, you must be heartbroken. Lena was just so adorable. I’m glad I had the pleasure to play with her and watch her pelt around the yard or follow us around with her springy bounce. Dear little Lena, she will be missed. Big hugs and lots of love xxx


  2. Holly I am so sorry she will not be around but am thankful that you had the pictures to show of her adventure up till now. Wish that I could be there to share with you and Mike the loss of this little creature who’s life has affect people around the world. Lena may be gone but missing her will not stop by words but with time. The pain will get less and the smile and stories will bring her to life for all that did not meet her hugs all to you both Love you Mom


  3. Awww..so sorry to read this. If you hadn’t rescued her when u did she’d have had no chance, at least her short life was one knowing love and fun. You guys are doing a great job xxx RIP Lena.


  4. You guys helped her live a lot longer than she would have if that fox had gotten his way. I’m sorry she’s gone. Do you know how, or why? How did the cut result in her passing? Poor little girl. I hope you and Mike are ok!


  5. Oh No! Oh hon I’m so so sorry for your loss. This made me cry and I didn’t even know her. Give the others extra cuddles, and hang in there. I hope you guys are okay. SO sorry Holly. 😦


  6. Holly, I was so saddened to read this, and hope you and Mike can take solace in each other and the fact, as Heather said, you gave her a longer life than she would have had if you had not rescued her. My question is the same as Heather’s….How did the cut result in her losing her life. I know one shouldn’t assume, but I’m assuming it wasn’t a massive gash that was bleeding profusely.

    We too will miss seeing the photos of her and hearing about what she’s been getting up to. Yes, she is in a better place and you two helped her get there, for which I am sure she is grateful.

    Hugs to you both, and take care,
    Aunt Jane


  7. Hi everyone, Thank you so much for your messages. It’s nice to have support even from so far away. We’re not sure if it was an infection in the cut (it was in a tricky spot) or a snake bite. We don’t think it was from blood loss. But she was weak for the 24 hours before she passed. I’ve taken the afternoon off today, and slept….and felt a lot better when I woke up. Tess has gotten lots of cuddles, and I am trying to be positive that everything was not in vain. We’re both in shock still, and we really miss her.


  8. Aww Holly that sucks so bad, I wish there was something I could do… we’re so sorry to hear that and we loved seeing your little updates about how she was doing and seeing all the photos you took with her. You were such a good mom to her getting up to feed her all the time and whenever she peed her bed!! and I bet she loved you just the same as you loved her.. I’m glad you’re getting cuddles from Tess and the sleep you need.

    You’re in our thoughts, Nat and Ross xoxoxoxox


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