Blue Skies and Sunshine.

I have some good news, which pleases me to no end.  I’ve signed on to become a local kangaroo carer.  There is a nearby (45 mins away) rehabilitation centre which has said they will send over some joeys in July/August when they need some help with small ones.   Joeys’ as in…a pair!  They like to keep them paired so they can be reintroduced to the wild.  This thought alone makes my heart sing.  I honestly cannot compare raising a kangaroo to any other pet.  Perhaps it is because they are so helpless and innocent, almost childlike.

Speaking of the wild…

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This morning I woke up and stood at the kitchen sink looking out the window.  There were 7 kangaroo jumping and playing near the house in the sunrise glow.

Crazy P – Heartbreaker (this song is phenomenal)

Polica – Wandering Star

Polica – Lay Your Cards Out (Feat Mike)

Apparently last night I woke up laughing.  I remember waking up and still laughing from my dream.  Mike turned to me today while we were getting ready and asked:  “What was going on last night?”  Well… I had a dream, and I woke myself up laughing.

He then said:  “You were laughing and said “I pooed”

Hahaha, he said he was a bit freaked out that I had pooped the bed! haha.

I told him my dream was actually about a holding a guinea pig (which I had seen at a pet shop earlier in the day) and that the little thing took a massive poo in my hands while I was holding it.  I guess I found it REALLY funny.

After we finished work this morning, we were surprised to see….3 large kangaroo’s at the front yard just standing, watching the house.  They stayed long enough for me to catch a few photos, for proof!

Notes About The Photos:

We (Wuzza, Tess and I) went for a short walk to get some photographs of the cockatoos.  They decided it was gladiator time (they do this once a day?) and had a battle on the road.

The Cockatoos…and the Roo’s.

2 thoughts on “Blue Skies and Sunshine.

  1. Awww, that is awesome news Holly! I was actually going to ask you if there was something like that in your area you could volunteer for or foster some, but thought it might be too early to ask you about it. That is AMAZING news.

    With all the roo’s around your home lately it’s almost like they’re coming by to wave and say thanks for taking care of them. 🙂

    The birds are beautiful. I love the photo of them in flight.

    Oh my word, Wuzza and Tess playing is so great! I love it!


  2. I love the photos of the birds too! I can hear the screech of them singing as I look at the pictures, it takes me right back to my visit to your farm! Congrats on the carer work, that’s awesome and I’m sure you’ll find it very rewarding!! Good to see Tess and Wuz haven’t let up at all!


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