What the hell is fracking?

Last night Brian, Tessa and I sat in a meeting in town (Eneabba).  The meeting was to discuss Fracking, in Western Australia.  Particularly in this region.

I was completely clueless going in, aside from the fact I had seen a few minutes of a documentary about a year ago, where a man lit his water tap on fire in Pennsylvania.

I knew it had something to do with that.

After absorbing 4 hours of information, I was appalled, pissed off and worried.  I wasn’t aware you could feel these three things simultaneously.  I kept wondering…What was the government doing about this?  Well currently they are neutral…

Western Australia survives on water beneath the earths surface.  Gas companies are proposing (and in some cases operating) to fracture the earth to squeeze every last drop of non renewable gas they can.  You know, to keep your bbq going, and your gas stove lit.

This “fracturing” of the earth, using extremely dangerous chemicals and water pressure…would have 40% of the toxic sludge seep back into the eco system.  Why isn’t this being regulated you ask?  Well the governments hands are tied apparently, even to someone who is not a scientist…this is very concerning.  Oil and Gas should not rule the planet.  However, we rely VERY heavily on these substances.

What get’s me… is Australia is renown for having an extremely limited fresh water supply.  Where is all this fresh fracking water coming from? The Gillard Government initiated a carbon tax last year…so if the carbon industry has repercussions for polluting you would think mining would…? Right? Right?

In America, a documentary called “Gasland” was filmed in 2010.  This film was shown during the meeting and gave a fairly biased overview of living conditions for Americans who were dealing with fracking on thier properties.  It looked horrible.  These people were clearly suffering, their pets and livestock were also apparently in bad health.  I do think more substantial evidence should have supported this documentary.

http://www.gasland.com.au/ <= Take a peek if you’re curious.

I love this region, the flora and fauna are diverse and vast.  There are over 12,000 species of wild flowers here in Western Australia.  The highest concentration on the planet.  The people are important to me here.  I cannot imagine what life will be like if thier land is taken from them and destroyed by greed.  In many instances, farmers will be offered money for land that lies on easy to frack “faults”.  If the farmers refuse, the company will take them to court and battle until the farmer folds.  

Calling for a Moratorium of Fracking <= What does it mean?  YOU and I! can sign up to help stop fracking!

This seems to be only one way to get these companies stopped in their tracks (for a time while the government puts in place some rules and regulations).

If you’re concerned, click the link above.  It will take you to a page where you can add your name to the list of people against fracking in Western Australia.

But wait…Australians and American’s aren’t the only ones battling this invasion!  It’s happening world wide!

I thought, to myself…this couldn’t already be an issue in Canada could it?  After only googling a few websites, it became clear that Canada has already signed on to over 100,000 fracking sites!  This information depresses me.  Where have we gone wrong?  This must be why we’re no longer in the Kyoto accord.  Stephen Harper’s government can sleep easily at night….  Alberta’s lack of environmental sustainability and influence on the nation is shocking when you see it’s the most heavily laden with fracking wells.

What is our government doing about this?  At the moment “research”.  I just can’t believe it.   How do we change our situations?

Canadians Against Fracking – This is the Canadian Council’s website with current campaigns and information on progress.

When small communities form a bond and fight together against large corporations they can sometimes keep these monsters out of their backyards.  This takes unity and courage.

We’re attending another meeting on Monday evening in Eneabba to go over media, exposure and a game plan, and execution.  If you are interested in shedding light onto this very important issue, I gladly give you permission to share this blog with your friends and family.

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A few photo’s I took yesterday morning.  Even in autumn, when the flowers are at their weakest strength, I still managed to find a few down the road.  We want to keep this beautiful land safe from pollution.

8 thoughts on “What the hell is fracking?

  1. I love the photo of Tess on the road! Great colours!!

    I’m totally with you on this, what was that we were saying just before I left WA? No-one sees the place being ripped up and therefore no-one cares! The mining industry is so powerful, it’s a horrible beast.


  2. Oh gods, that is horrible in so many ways. I had no idea it was so prevalent in Canada, though I shouldn’t be surprised.

    This past winter people in various part of the northern states, as well as windsor/sarnia have felt earth tremors and loud booming noises that felt like earth quakes but weren’t. ‘No on knew’. Turns out it’s from all the mining shifting things around. We are so destroying everything.


  3. The noise in Sarnia doesn’t surprise me. It was one of the first places in Canada where they discovered oil. There’s even a small town close by called Petrol. I hated living there. The refineries gave off a lot of chemicals in the air and you could always smell it. I even lived up wind from it. So they are probably digging deeper and deeper to get at the liquid gold.

    A few years ago (Matt Vucic) my engineer friend told me they used pressure and steam to separate the oil from the sand, and that it’s not an easy process. So maybe they’ve been doing it for awhile already.

    It makes me sad that they aren’t looking for other alternatives more seriously. Relying on fossil fuels just doesn’t make sense for the planet anymore.


  4. Hi, you probably know that there is a meeting in Eneabba this Friday, organised by the Nationals on Shale gas extraction / fracking. I am WA chair of Doctors for the Environment Australia, and practising GP in Perth. I will be attending the meeting and was originally invited to present ( on the health concerns related to this industry ) at the meeting, however my invitation has been withdrawn at the last minute. I understand that the reps from the Dept of Petroleum and mines and industry have refused to be involved if I was !
    I would be happy to discuss what is known and what are the risks of fracking to human health ( and other animals ).


    • Hello George,

      This is very interesting information. I would love to hear more on the risks to human health and animals. I am on the commitee in Eneabba that is researching fracking (Power Eneabba) and will be attending Friday’s discussion.
      Please email me Holly Martin: redterrain@hotmail.com.


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