Aussie Rules & Net Ball.

I played my first game of net ball today.  It’s basically just like basket ball except for a million rules… oh and most importantly you can’t run with the ball.

I found it very challenging, but fun (in a way).  I could have done with out the skirt (seriously sexist).  My team mates were awesome and gave me a good amount of support during the game that helped me feel more at ease.

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The other girls acted like complete bitches.  Pardon my bluntness, but seriously, I felt like I was back in high school with a bunch of snotty girls.  It was completely off putting for me.

Apparently this is common practice among A grade net ball teams.

It makes me cringe just thinking about it.

While I was living in Toronto I joined a footy team as I had been taking photographs alot, and a new womens team was starting.  It was a great way to get some aggression out onto the battle field.  I fell in love with the game instantly.

Not sure about this netball though.  I felt so restricted.  I couldn’t run where I felt, and move my arms when I wanted, intercept a ball when I wanted…and if there is one thing I know about myself, is the more I am restricted, the more I want to break free.

A very basic example of this would be when Mike wrestles me to the ground.  I am like a fighting, kicking, crazed animal.  I hate to be immobilized, I really loathe it.  He’s learned to not do it, on account of some serious fighting instincts that take over.

Anyway, I am getting a little off topic.  The netball and I, don’t seem a good fit.  Apparently I played very well, but…something about it isn’t striking my fancy.

Afterward Mike had his footy game.  They lost today, but I did get some cool photos out of it, and had a nice time chatting to some of the women from net ball team.

I would chuck on a jersey any day and get bashed up on the field, to play the sport again.  I get very restless watching, as I wish I could run around with the guys.  Women aren’t keen to play here…they don’t have any teams in the country.  Which is a serious shame for me!

I’ll just have to make do with taking photos!





4 thoughts on “Aussie Rules & Net Ball.

  1. Maybe you could start one. 🙂

    Awesome photo’s by the way, seriously.

    Sorry the girls were such bitches, that really stinks. Sports are supposed to be fun!


  2. Sorry your first experience of net ball was so awful; it’s not meant to be that way. I “grew up on it” for that was our main team sport in school, with tennis as a second choice. I actually preferred tennis to net ball, but that’s just me. I think you should give some serious thought to the suggestion of starting your own women’s footy team. Loved the photos; thanks.


    • There is a stigma for women to play footy. It’s not desirable here! Most people think it’s nuts and…you’re basically an instant lesbian. Men play footy…in the country. It would be hard to find numbers…though a co-ed footy scrimmage would be fun, there are alot of miners around who probably get bored at night, so it would be cool to throw something together of that sort… I’ll ask around and see what people think.


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