How do we make a change?

I am not talking about 4 quarters for a dollar, I am talking massive change.

I recently posted about the alarming issue of fracking in Western Australia.  Now, I have never really been a “take action” type of person, and as much as I love animals, of all kinds…I am not a “protector” or activist on any level.

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However, when sitting in on the original fracking seminar/showing a fuse was lit!  I had to first understand what it was I was being told (so I did a little research) and now, a week later I cannot stop thinking about “what I can do” to help make a positive change for Western Australia.

I cannot stop thinking about how this (world wide problem) issue will affect our future children, and thier children, not to mention the ecosystem.  100 years from now, will the world be running on green energy or will we have stuffed things beyond repair?

I really do hope the aliens turn up this December.

Eneabba has formed a committee (which I was nominated to sit on), and we’ll be researching various topics, whilst also informing as many people via word of mouth and demonstrations about the environmental negatives of fracking.  I’ve sent about 80 emails over the past few days voicing concerns. Some of these have been well received by several members of parliament, which gives me hope.

These are some photos I’ve taken around the farm over the past few days…


3 thoughts on “How do we make a change?

  1. You lit some kind of spark in me too. I’ve been thinking about that blog a great deal, and other things. (I think some of that is related to a course I just took too where the teacher is def. a tree hugger, but it really opened my eyes a great deal.) – Not that there’s anything wrong with tree huggers! I’ve been known to cry over tree’s being cut down!

    Anyhow, last night as I was reading the news about the Japan tsunami debris hitting the BC coast it horrified me to no end learning about the Great North pacific garbage patch. My god. What the hell are we doing to this planet anyway?

    And fracking is scary and is causing repercussions. I wouldn’t doubt one iota that the instances of loud booms and small earth quake like tremors felt in Sarnia/Windsor and in some northern states is because of it. Maybe you could use that as some research for your concern? It was big in the news here for a while this winter, and then a very small fine print article came out stating from some kind of official that it ‘is most likely due to mining’ and that was that.

    Also, I love that dog. 🙂


  2. Oh man alive!
    I am sending good vibes that there is a resolution to this crap dude, seriously.
    I say that from my well heated, well lit corner of the world.
    But I mean, we’re in an age of technology – how is there no other solution?
    Don’t lose your mind, but you are doing Good. xoox


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