I Can Bake? I Can Bake!

When I was a teenager, my sister and I were required by law (dad’s law) to have supper on the table at 6:00pm sharp.

More often than not, Heather signed on to take on the labourous job of cooking for 6. Our family, wait a second….Some of you might not know anything about my family yet!

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Here’s the break down:

One romantic evening in 1984 Dad + Mom = Heather & Holly (a pair)

Another romantic evening 1988 Dad + Mom = Andrea (singular)

The last romantic evening 1989 = Elizabeth & Victoria (a pair).

That’s right.  5 daughters, that includes 2 sets of twins.  We are almost a travelling freakshow!

Anyway, Mom was off working with the navy at the time, and so Heather and I had to pick up the mom type duties.

Making dinner, to me was the worst thing on the chores list.  I wasn’t very enthusiastic to start, and so, on nights when Heather wasn’t really keen to cook, or she protested enough I would “give it a try”.

And by giving it a try, my lazy ass self would make a mess for dinner.  Dad would always complain about how horrible it was, even if it was grand.  He didn’t get my “breakfast for dinner” concept, and made alot of noise about how you shouldn’t have pancakes for dinner.  Seriously, though breakfast for dinner is the bee’s knees.  He’s old school.

My 17 year old sel got to thinking one day… “What if I cooked a major disaster?…Dad might ask me to never cook for him again“.

And so, my abomination was created.  It was “flour, onion soup”.  It was a thick sludge that tasted of onions and flour.

As I predicted, dad was horrified.

I was totally content not cooking for my remaining time at home.

Unfortunately, I never quite took the time to learn any recipies.  Anything I’ve eaten in my years out of the nest, has been a total “Holly creation”.  Some of these creations are amazing and should be in Martha Stewarts show, and some…(I am recalling this one time I roasted a whole bunch of garlic, and tried to eat my “roasted” garlic as a MEAL! after cooking it for only 10 minutes.  I dry heaved for a while, and nearly spewed from the garlic intensity burning in my stomach) should never be tried again.

Following directions is something I find challenging.  It requires patience, of a certain amount and I generally like to cut the chase and get to the good parts!

Today, I have….followed directions…and made…….

A HOME MADE QUICHE from Scratch.  I feel like the Champ.

I will add, that as an adult, I have cooked for my father, and he “liked it, and would recommend me to any one”.  Mike was a witness to that one.

I case you forgot the meal (dad) it was a jewel box (goatcheese+fruit and nuts) salad with lemon/sugar dressing, over cooked chicken breast and pear bruschetta.  In the Canadian Rockies, when you visited us….ahaha.

I’d like to thank Mike for enduring my various attempts at cooking…and for also never complaining too much if it’s terrible.

8 thoughts on “I Can Bake? I Can Bake!

  1. ahhh Holly, you make me LAUGH! Ha ha. We cooked too, though it was my sister who made the scary food. Once she made beefaroni and even the dog wouldn’t eat it. Really, how is it hard messing up pasta and sauce?!?!?

    Your quiche looks delicious! And breakfast for dinner is awesome!

    I love cattle. They’re so funny to watch eating.


    • hahah has she gotten better at cooking as an adult? Man, the photo of the quiche isn’t super appealing, though we both ate most of it last night! ahha….It looks like puke in a pie crust!


      • LOL! It looks like quiche!

        And yes she has, she had too with three kids. 🙂 She also wisely had her daughters learn how to bake, which they happen to love, so they do all of that now haha!


  2. I love to cook, so I guess it’s a good thing I learned young. You definitely passed the buck a lot. But I knew after the onion soup, the responsibility would be mine until I moved out… I’ve had a few disasters… ask Curtis about the time I tried to make home made ravioli… it was awful. But it seems like I am getting better and better. We made Pavlova yesterday and I really think you should make some, it’s perfect hot weather desert… and it’s an Australian “speciality”!!!


  3. It’s so easy! 6 egg whites, beat with one cup sugar to meringue like texture, not completely stiff though. Then add 1 tbsp of corn starch and 3/4 tsp cream of tartar, and a splash of vanilla. Place on parchment paper in one large circle or mini ones (we made individual sized ones) Bake in the oven until golden brown. SO EASY! Top with whipped cream and berries!


  4. Hahaha Holly, fantastic!! Bunch of garlic for dinner! Well I learnt a new trick for tacos from you: melted cheese – the way to go!! Yes, Pavlova did originate in NZ apparently, but because it’s great Australia claims it.


  5. You all make me laugh and Holly you tried to get us all eating garlic on everything as it was (supposed) to be good for you. I do remember you both making breakfast oatmeal and you boiled it in milk. Tasted something like plaster.


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