Two little love birds…who actually aren’t birds.

I was thinking today, that I would bring Tess over to Brian and Tessa’s to play with her boyfriend.

Dog’s all have their own distinctive personality.  Some day’s I wish I knew what they were thinking.  In fact I often wonder (and pretend) what animals would say if they could talk to us.

I love Tess, she is a huge sucker for cuddles, and recently (since Lena died) she’s been known to come and find me resting in bed some nights and will spoon with me, while making these funny little growling noises.  To me, it sounds like she’s telling me how happy she is that she gets to sleep beside me, or how her day went…what birds she chased away…or how many rabbits were in the back yard.

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Seriously though, I am sure these two are smitten with each other.

Do you have a dog?  Does it have any interesting behaviors?


2 thoughts on “Two little love birds…who actually aren’t birds.

  1. Awwwwwwww! This is SO CUTE!!! Who is the other pooch? Love the pictues!

    My fav Cassie thing with other dogs is when she see’s her BFF Meesha at the dog park. They are inseperable. SHe see’s Meesha come in and she bolts joyous towards her, and then throws herself at her. They are too cute together.


    • It’s great when you can see how much they miss each other eh? It really shows how much animals feel and can express…. I experienced something very unusual today, I’ll be writing about it in a bit!!


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