Ewe Can Do it!

Tessa found a young ewe stuck in some fence wire yesterday.  It’s possible she had been trapped there for up to 2 days.  She is a young mum, and we had seen her and her little one dashing through paddocks as we were rounding some sheep up, and herding them to another section on the property.

Her legs are very weak, and she has trouble moving.  I found her stuck on her side frantically kicking, to no avail.  I propped her up and hopped she would be ok.

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Tessa mentioned yesterday evening that she might not live.  We have her in a pen, in our sheep yard, to keep a close eye on her and her lamb.  Last night Tessa bottle fed the little one, incase it’s mum wasn’t able to.

We slept, and woke…ready for the day.

To all of our surprise she was not gone!

She was very nervous yesterday, and today she was perked up, sitting and looking around to see what we were all up to.

The sheep here, have minimal contact with us.  Because the numbers are so large, it sometimes feels like these are wild sheep.  They are scatty and uninterested in getting to know their care takers.

It is not the case with this ewe.  She, was acting much differently to the norm.  

Yesterday, when I was near, she was breathing heavily, and you could tell she was visibly stressed out.  I felt really horrible for her.

So, in our efforts to make her well again, we tried feeding her.  Tessa and I sometimes coax the sheep with fresh hay, and fresh water (in a bucket) and try to get the ill sheep to eat.  This sheep, ate from our hands.  Normally the sheep struggle and resist, and spend alot of effort trying to get away.

She ate lupins, and oats, and drank water from our bucket.

At one point she leaned closer to me, smelled my hands and tucked her head into my chest.  It’s the gesture you might get from a friend, your dog, or child….the one, that says “Please hold me, I trust you”.  

She then jumped up onto all fours.  Brian said I must have been one of the 12 apostles. Ha, call me Jesus, the miracle healer.

Tessa and I were both in awe of this very calm sheep.

She is still very unstable, half of her body is incredibly weak, she stood long enough for her little one to feed, before she found her spot on the ground below.

This evening I took a few photos of the two of them.  As you’ll notice we’re starting to get our fall grass, which is so nice and green!!  A refreshing change!  We did an inspection and found she has become fly blown.  Tessa has treated her, and we’ll hope that it is cured before it gets too bad.

We so desperately want her to live.  She’s become an emotional liability for us, and we hope we find her well tomorrow morning.

Ps:  Thank you all for the 4,000 views…I think it’s pretty amazing!

3 thoughts on “Ewe Can Do it!

  1. Holly, I love keeping up with your animal stories, and with your daily life. Can’t wait to see this new “farmer” niece of mine. Take care as you care for your sheep and roos.


  2. Awww, that’s wonderful Holly! I’m so happy she’s taken to you and hasn’t given up. SHeep and goats are so hard to bring back when they’re ill.

    You are a miracle worker! Definitely an animal person for sure! The photo’s are gorgeous too! WHat a cute wee babe! I will keep Mama in my thoughts!


  3. Hi Holly. Ewe can do it and you helped her on the way! Respect to you Holly and also for the stories you write on your site, amazing to read about your job and life in Eneabba! Go on….i’ll follow! Regards Helene


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