While Mike and I were in Perth shopping, I had a bit of a moment.  I felt like a country bumpkin, and suddenly felt like an outsider!  Everyone looked so fashionable, and what the heck was I wearing?  A grey t-shirt and jeans.  I was lusting over new trends, and thinking…”When in the hell will I wear these fabulous clothes?”

Being in the country it seems most days I dress like I work on a farm.   It seems impractical to do otherwise.

There is one thing on the farm that I do religiously, as if the sheep will notice if I stop!

Mascara to the pale eyelashes.  If I don’t wear it, I look like I’ve pulled all my eyelashes out.  And there are people out there who do that craziness!

The rest of my beauty regime has gone to the wind.  And, in a way it’s liberating, and in another way I feel like I’m “blah, blah”.

So in an effort to take that attitude and shove it aside, I put on a dress and took some photos out in the bush.  I only had 20 minutes, and came up with one good one, where I wasn’t pulling some ghastly face!

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Haha, so here it is!  Me and my long hair…I’ve been growing it for a year, and I think I can confidently say this is the longest I’ve had it in about 6 years.

I climbed over barbed wire in my dress, and wore my work boots on the bottom to play it safe!  Then Mike and I had a photo competition!

Mikes = White Flowers

Hollys = Purple Flowers

I think his photo is better!

When you’re having a “blah” day….What do YOU do to make yourself feel tip top?



2 thoughts on “Narcissist.

    • Hey you gotta do what you gotta do when you don’t have social outings! ahha, I’ll pop over to Laroute in the morning, and see how the trip in Europe is coming along!! xo


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