Mike and I travelled to a small little grain producing town further inland today.  Mike was playing footy, and I came along to cheer him on (and to see a new town, and hopefully some more wildlife!).

As the game was starting I followed the call of some birds.  I wandered around for a fair while, but they were definitely elusive.  Photographing birds was a bit of a bust, but I did find a few flower’s that were of specific interest.

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I’m not positive but I think the purple coloured flowers are orchids, while the other are a type we have here that are now starting to turn colour.  A friend called them rainbow flowers and now I see why.

Also, I’ve picked two of the pale yellow flower to show Tessa, because they smell like heaven.  Or more specifically like lilacs…

I took photos for the second half of the footy game, Mike’s team was slaughtered.  He’s got his last game next weekend which is a heck of a lot closer to home so hopefully he can end on a high note (we won’t be here for the end of the season!).  I really like taking photos of footy, there is always that awkward moment when men are in very close proximity of each other making sometimes hilarious faces.

I always try and get an epic photo…I’ll go through them tomorrow and see if any make the cut!

ps: We’re headed homeward in 12 days! 12 days!!!!!



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