So, Why Start a Blog?

Back in September I had a pretty serious accident on the farm.  The accident.  (You can read a bit out that here).

I spent 11 days in the hospital in a burn ward, surrounded by people who were worse off than I was.  It would have been the most depressing moment of my life, however I was on valium and (did not know this at the time!) floated through the whole experience rather well.

When I came back to the farm with Mike, I was suddenly panic stricken.  I’d become very used to the clinical and safe atmosphere the hospital provided.  Now I was back in the sand, dirt, flies, cow poop, kangaroo poop, sheep poop central.  The entire house and farm seemed like a dirty death trap that I was constantly cleaning, or hiding from.

Any time I went near the tractor or petrol, I had a bit of a mental freak out.  I became very reclusive, and very insecure.  During this time I’ve had not taken any photographs.  None.  My creative output was non existent, and I blame this on depression.

I slipped into a dark hole, and stayed there for a little while.

One day, I was home alone.  I had Lena (kangaroo) and Wuzza (sheep) and Jeffery (calf) to look after but had spare time as well, and I thought I would take my friends advice.

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She had urged me months ago to write a blog.  I put it off for ages.  I didn’t think I had anything to write about!

I started to write about our life on the farm.  I wrote about the accident (which helped me move forward).  I started to take more photographs.

I got into the habit of writing 2-3 a week.  Whenever I felt like it, and not on any sort of a schedule.  It’s been non stop since!

Last week I posted my 100th blog on here.

This has been a great creative way to show my friends and family what living on a farm in Western Australia is all about!  It’s the highlight of my day, and pushes me to get out and really experience what the area has to offer!

Jen, I want to thank you for getting me to do this!  I can see why so many people love writing blogs!  It’s such a positive thing!


Photo Notes:

This is my arm now!

The lamb with the floppy ears has been unwell.  His ears and face are pretty swollen and we haven’t figured out why.  His nose is quite red as well.  It’s possibly an allergic reaction, or “swollen head” from hitting it?

Little, is no longer little!

Wuzzy came over and said hello….he was sheared a few days ago, and looks so unfit!  He’s spindly looking now!

4 thoughts on “So, Why Start a Blog?

  1. Love your blog Holly. It is wonderful following along with your life in WA, and seeing your beautiful pictures. So glad everything turned out ok, and your arm looks amazing! You give so much TLC to your farmily, and they give it right back to you. 🙂


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