The Toronto & Winnipeg 100m Dash.

We’ve just been to (and photographed) two weddings in 24 hours.  It’s been a mad busy couple of days, and I cannot believe it’s all done.  My twin sister wed her best friend and are now enjoying the rest of their lives together!

An old friend also got married on Saturday and I was honoured to be asked to shoot the wedding.

Both couples looked amazing and I’m so happy we could be here to witness their weddings.

Here are a few images for your viewing pleasure!

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Mike and I are going to hopefully take it easy for a few days….hahah YEAH!  We’re headed to Canada’s Wonderland tomorrow and catching up with lots of awesome folks from Toronto.

We’re 24 hours from tasting the best pizza in the world.  I’ve thought about this day for so long.

So long.

Mike’s asleep on the lounge sofa beside me (we’re in the airport here in Winnipeg) all tuckered out from the festivities.

See you on the flip side ya’ll.



4 thoughts on “The Toronto & Winnipeg 100m Dash.

  1. So, Holly, did you get to have a pizza that you had been waiting so long for? I do hope so. I think I had meant to reply to this but just ran out of time. Here it is Saturday night at 12:26 and I’m cleaning – or trying to – clean up my inbox. I have a ways to go so I’m calling it quits now and going to bed and will continue another day. I’ve enjoyed reading through some old emails to see what has happened over the year.

    Take care my dear and I hope I lived up to Mike’s expectations, as in one of your emails you mentioned that he couldn’t wait to meet me. He certainly came up to my expectations of him, and Uncle John also liked him. When you are ready it will be your turn to cement your relationship and make that commitment to one another.

    We have started harvesting our cherry tomatoes and they are making up for everything else in the garden that did not do well; though we have had a few cucumbers but they are at an end now. I have an abundance of thistles. I thought I had got rid of those in the spring, by spraying them all with vinegar which makes them turn black an die. Unfortunately, while we were away they not only bounced back but they multiplied, so the fight is on again. They originate from our neighbour’s garden and you really do have to keep on top of them otherwise you end up with a patch of them, which is exactly what they have next door.

    Good night my dear and sweet dreams. Love you lots, Aunt Jane & Uncle John Say hi to Mike


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