Flies, Flowers and Fun!

The first day back, and were out chasing fly blown sheep!  Aye, it’s not nice knowing you’ll be getting your hands covered in maggot juice!

After catching these poor ewes we treat them with a wash, with chemical and hope for the best (it kills the eggs and maggots).

I had to laugh as I watched Mike run down a fly blown ewe in the paddock as I could only imagine how disgusting it would have been to get a handful of maggots!

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We weaned some lambs today as well, and got caught up on a little bit of gardening!

After work Tessa showed me a few orchids that have popped up, and I hopped into the car and got a few more photographs before the sun set!

I’ve missed this!


One thought on “Flies, Flowers and Fun!

  1. ewww. If there’s one things I hate next to spiders, it is maggots. I can remember so well finding my beloved ‘lost’ barn cats after a few days and see their bodies moving strangely on the ground. Only to discover they weren’t moving at all, it was those things, and they were dead. Sometimes farming sucks.


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