Since April, I’ve been tramping around the bush here looking for wildflowers.  Not once have I worried about snakes…

Upon arriving back in Eneabba after my second trip to Canada, I’ve been welcomed by the warmer weather of spring.

Brian reminded me the other day that I need to be wearing jeans and boots out while traipsing around, for precaution against rogue snakes.  Ok, they aren’t rogue, in fact they are just going about their business chasing mice n’ what not.

So I’ve become a little bit paranoid about the snakes.

This was never the case growing up in Canada.  I was always touching them, and picking them up.

Well, aside from this one time…

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Mom and dad used to take us kids up to spend time at this cottage during Victoria Day long weekend.

The building we stayed in was like a house!  It had several bedrooms, kitchen, living area, dining space, and a back porch that was screened in.  The place was a palace to my 12 year old eyes.

Well beside this palace of ours (for three days) there lay an old rotting dock (which was at one point in it’s life painted red).  Some of the boards were rotted out.

Mom warned us, not to play on it.

So naturally the second she disappeared I asked Heather to come watch me run on it.

The thing would have probably been about 20 feet long.

Well I hopped up.  Flashed Heather a quick smile and started to laugh and run across.

When I looked down in mid stride, time slowed to a halt.

I saw a small green head poking out between the empty spaces of the rotting boards.  The skinny little head opened wide to reveal a set of fangs, which latched onto my ankle as quick as lightning.

I screamed and continued running the length of the dock.

I was dead.

Not only was this poisonous snake going to kill me….I’d suffer worse if mom found out I had PLAYED on that DOCK!

Heather and I were too terrified to tell mom (what’s worse than mom killing me?) nothing, so death by snake bite was my fate.

Heather stayed in my bed all night to be with me while I died.  I said my goodbyes, “tell the family I love them if I don’t wake up ok?


“I love you”

“I love you too”


It’s a good thing it was a garter snake…and we were not living in death central Australia!

I obviously lived….and we never told mom.


ps:  These are a few flowers found today (loads more are up on Redterrain’s FB page if you’re curious!), I convinced Mike to come to Eneabba and hunt for flowers…and we found so many!  Then we had burgers!  Yum!!

6 thoughts on “Snakes?

  1. I hear you darling, it’s weird as a Canadian to have to think about the possible constant presence of snakes….never walk in long grass, don t walk on dead trees, I personally think that it s just fairy tales, that people are just warning you but really it would never happen, right!?! But then ive been asking around a little but to my friends ” have you ever seen a snake “and of course “plenty , this is the country of course”…but im still in denial!This being said , I have never seen a snake in all my travelling here and since I’ve lived here, but by opening my mouth about it, I’ve probably attracted the biggest karma ever to put a snake in front of me next time I’m outside. Touch wood, or not !,!


    • I know what you mean about the karma! And yea going from a safe poison free country to the deadliest place on earth…is well….surreal really! ahaha. I hope you don’t see a snake, and if you do it’s from a distance, and it’s a magical encounter and not a scary one.


  2. So more of your childhood danger stories the best one is when you where little we took you to the park and left you both run you must have been 4 . As you and Heather were distracted by your words a hop grasser( frog) Dad chased away a mississauga rattle as we know you two would have picked it up and played. You have been stung by bees hornets and wasps. Gotten a rash from catapelers dug up warms played in strange places and your still here to tell the wonderful adventure stories Love you Mom


  3. Lol I remember you running and it was hanging off the back of your leg. I remember it having white diamond shapes on it… but my memories get mixed up a lot. Hilarious that I stayed up all night waiting in case you passed away… what a horrible plan! Glad you lived!


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