What’s not to love?

Last night, as I snuggled up to Mike, I felt incredibly content.  There’s nothing more comforting than flinging my icy arm over and zapping all the warmth from his body.  Despite the robbery, he gently kissed me on the forehead.  It’s so nice to fall asleep in the arms of my best friend.

Now, this morning after I’d been doing the “100m dash” after fly blown sheep (a serious attempt to break the olympic record was made) Mike dropped me off in the bush.  I love him for this.  Allowing me to chase after mother nature with my camera, while he headed back to work.  I told him I’d be on the same track and, he said he’d be back at lunch.  I was over the moon!  This morning was windless, cloudy and the flies were not too bad as the air was still slightly chilled, perfect conditions for wildflower photography!

Apart from cuddling with the worlds bestest boyfriend, here are a few other things I love…

The smell of the sun on my skin when I’m washing in the shower.

A real meal of comfort, I’m talking Mac’n Cheese (of the home made variety) or tuna casserole….or french toast with maple syrup, grilled cheese.


Putting on a fresh pair of socks.

Watching our pets play in the yard.

Fresh Rosemary, Basil & Cilantro, the smell and the taste.

A warm sweater on a cool fall day.

Picking veggies from the garden.

The way Mike smells, soft and sweet…never awful like me.

Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn / Tom Sawyer.

To read a good book (typically a modern classic).

Watching the ocean, above and below the waves.

Star gazing.

A long walk.

Bird watching.

Discovering a new song…or reliving an old one you’ve forgotten.

This list could go on, and on and on….What do you love?  What makes you smile?  What gives you a feeling of peace?

Dinner’s a tuna casserole tonight (have not had one in a few years! Get into my belly!).

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