New Music and Horrible Situations.

There is something I’ve not been mentioning when it comes to this job of seeding.  I’ve been keeping it from you.  It’s rather unpleasant and embarrassing but I thought I should share it…and “keep it real” here.

I have to poop in a field.


This photo still cracks me up.  Chocco is such a soccer player!

Side note: I really miss my Wuzzy.  I miss him reaching for me with his little hoof when he wanted more scratches.

Yep.  This actually happened.  Two times now.

Seeding non stop leaves no time to rush to the nearest toilet.  I usually hide, out of sight and wonder how people do this in a dignified manner.  I guess there really is no way?  I haven’t asked Mike if he’s had to yet, but there is lots of toilette paper in the tractor so I can only imagine…that he too has to do the deed outside.

Anyway, now that I’ve got that off my chest…  You see it’s not all glamourous. haha.

My friend Carly found some great music for me to listen to on the tractor (because there comes a time after a month when your musical library is officially exhausted).

The Great Gatsby Soundtrack.

Nero – Into The Past (Really…I love this song).

Lana Del Ray – Young and Beautiful

Sia – Kill and Run

The XX – Together

Jay Z and Kanye – No Church in the Wild  I can’t stand Kanye, but this track is decent.  Although I can’t seem to relate to the cocaine references…the song is ok.  Who actually does this stuff?  Really.  Oh right, douche bags.

Also, I’ve just seen that Daft Punk are putting out their 4th album.  From what I’ve heard it sounds awesome.  Can’t wait to get my working hands on that one! 

Daft Punk – Motherboard

3 thoughts on “New Music and Horrible Situations.

  1. Get a folding camp stool and a toilet seat. A couple of screws and you are comfortable if not dignified.Also it folds up and dosn’t take up much room.


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