Yesterday I came across my dream jacket.  I’ve not bought a new dress jacket since I lived in Toronto over 4 years ago.  My patterned dress jacket (ol’ faithful which cost a measly $40) is still doing me proud, but I knew I couldn’t leave this beauty behind.

Meet my new love.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 4.11.55 PM

It’s designed by an Australian brand David Lawrence, and thank god it was on sale or I’d have come home with a $330 dollar coat.

A treat for myself, because…

I’ve gotten a role working for the West Australian government.  I’ve kept this on the down low, but I’ve just finished my first week, and am loving it!

In about a weeks time Mike and I will be moving to the CBD (East Perth) and we’ll be living only one block away from my office.

On an entirely unrelated note:

Today as I was walking towards our house here in Wembley, I came across 5 little boys selling pop and chips in their front yard.  Naturally this pulled at my heart strings and I gave them some money for a drink.  The funny thing about the whole situation was, the fact that one of their parents had parked their convertible Porsche right beside their stand.

Guess it’s pretty cool that the parents were teaching the kids the value of work and earning a dollar.

Music I’m listening to:

Alpine – Gasoline

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

Lorde – Royals

One Republic – Counting Stars

John Newman – Love Me Again

Why I love you – Jay Z & Kanye West

12 thoughts on “Splurge.

    • Thanks Lynda! I fell so deeply in love with it when I saw it. Mike’s away at the mines at the moment, and I really miss him, can’t wait to have him back! I hope every things going well in NZ! WE miss you and your lovely family! xo


  1. I am sipping coffee in the mall while my wife and daughter look for sales. Love your coat–my wife would love it. She likes black.
    lol Helping kids while sitting in a Porsche. That is great. Love it. lol


    • Hi Judy,

      Things have definitely changed. I’m hoping I can still immerse myself in nature (as I did earlier today…only without my camera). I watched an egret eat a little baby turtle.
      I may head out again this afternoon. I promise to put up lots of images soon!


  2. Good for you Holly. We all need to splurge once in a while – it’s good medicine!!

    Thank you for all the emails and sorry I haven’t been responding but life has been busy and I’ve been tired. I’ll tell you more later.

    I was speaking with Elizabeth this afternoon and I can tell she is excited about this coming weekend. Who wouldn’t be. I’m hoping the weather will be nice for her.

    We had Vanessa and family here for the weekend and Olivier is such a bundle of energy and just loves his granddad, who easily roughs and tumbles with him. Nanny, on the other hand isn’t into playing rough. Oh well!! It was nice to have everyone here for dinner on Saturday.

    Take care my dear and I’ll try and drop you a line soon.

    Much lov, xoxo


    • Thanks, definitely nice to see grounded rich kids. haha unless that was how they were paying off the porche. Thanks for coming around! I’ll have to take a look into this Barbour brand…I am intrigued!


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