Let’s Stop This Fraccing, Shall We?

Please help us protect Mount Lesueur from a fraccing proposal.  There is not much time left to sign up and petition.

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If you love the photos of the kangaroo’s, wildflowers, birds, insects, sheep, cattle, and beautiful landscapes that I showcase on this blog….then please support the locals and sign this petition.  For many of these delicate, and beautiful things will be in danger.

Fraccing has gained a very negative reputation world wide as a reckless and uncompromising practice.  We’d like to keep it out of Western Australia, where water is absolutely sparse.

Perth people, this is important as the aquifers that supply the city would also be directly affected.  Please share this blog!

The locals would really love your support.

If you want to help, you can find the link here.  I quickly signed up and left my thoughts (you can post your comments anonymously or list your name).  You’ll really will have to sign up quick as this is the last day to leave your comments!


Holly & Mike

4 thoughts on “Let’s Stop This Fraccing, Shall We?

  1. Good luck to you. Here in the West, New Mexico absolutely forbade any fracking. It is a dangerous and destructive practice. I like it when communities stand up to the big shots. There is more to life than making money.


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