Little Bird Where are you?

I didn’t find my little friend this morning.  Normally he comes and stares at me, and in a way poses for the camera.  Instead I was able to take some photos of these two little guards.  Every day I find them sitting on the exact same branch in the same trees.  They preen themselves like they are covered in fleas and poop and sing a lot.

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 12.00.14 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 12.02.09 PMI wonder what she’s thinking when she’s staring at me.  “PREDATOR!” ?


“I’m so itchy, I need to poop.  Then I’ll sing about it.”

7 thoughts on “Little Bird Where are you?

  1. Ha, ha! Being birds. We watch the birds splash around in the bird bath, washing all those itchy mites out. Bluebirds are the cleanest birds – every day, sometimes twice a day they take their bath. Magpies get in too, their long tails hanging over the edge. The bird bath gets pretty scummy and needs scrubbing with bleach quite often. Sometimes there is a poop in there.


    • I would love love LOVE to see a blue bird Judy. They look so pretty. Before coming to Australia, I saw birds and thought they were nice, but the variety here has me on the look out. Especially in the country there are some magnificent little parrots.


  2. Your posts always bring a smile to my face Holly. I associate ‘happiness’ in all birds. Would you please I.D. some of them for us?
    As fall comes upon us I cannot help but think about the springtime you are enjoying and remember how awesome the varieties and size of the blossoms on the flowering trees. Blessings from Calgary.


    • Yes, I can definitely ID some for you. I purchases a Field Guild for Australian birds a few months ago and it’s been a life saver! Sometimes I just flip through it looking at birds I hope to one day spot. 🙂

      Just as you are admiring our spring I am missing your winter. I have not seen snow in three years. It feels wrong.


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