New Zealand – 2014

We’ve just returned to Perth from New Zealand.  We were gone for  a whirlwhind 10 days.  Mike and I managed to pack in quite a bit in the 10 days we were over there…

1. Firstly, the main reason we were there was for our friends wedding.  Congrats to Natalie & Ross Scurfield!

2.  Catch ups with family and friends.

3.  Hiking with Mikes Aunt Lynda was a treat… loved the views, and the untouched woods.  And of course our chatter heard through the land.

First ever..

Kumara (which is essentially a sweet potato) fried up with some smoked salmon and a poached egg.

Rugby match:  Warriors vs Tigers – a chilly match to watch, but it really had some epic moments.

Black sand beach.  The sand was so soft, and deceptive.  Every so often I’d look down at my feet and confuse the black for dirt.

Deer – crying for it’s fawn in the woods where we hiked.

Bug discovery: A two eyed spider called a Male Harvestman.

On returning to Perth this morning, the ground was freshly rained on.  The air was wet and had a damp smell of gum tree leaves, which oddly smelled like home to me.  Mike and I wished we had longer in New Zealand, but are thankful for the time we were able to share with family and friends.  Next time we’ll make it a bit longer…

8 thoughts on “New Zealand – 2014

    • Hi Lynda! It’s always so nice staying with you and Ces. Please give the girls cuddles for us, we love them..and their grunts!! shah… We’ll keep you posted on another trip. We’ll talk soon, ahaha and hopefully I made the cut to be invited to the next hike! I’ll be terribly insulted otherwise…. hahaha. : ) xo


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