Tomorrow I turn 30.

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Happy Birfday to meeee…  Lamby kisses cause I’m 30!

After what seems like an eternity (made longer by the fact that my loving man friend reminds me constantly) I’m going to tick over into the 30’s crowd tonight at the stroke of midnight.

Turning 30 has me reflecting but also looking ahead…and appreciating what’s happening in my life right now.  I’ve still potentially got another 50 odd years left to fill up, and I feel like I’m only just beginning my journey on this planet.  That is unless aliens turn up…

When you turned 30, did you do something special to celebrate the occasion?

10 thoughts on “Tomorrow I turn 30.

  1. Hope you had a very happy birthday, Holly!! 🙂 (because it’s the 18th in Australia now)

    And I love your blog by the way! Keep all the awesomeness coming! 🙂


      • Birthday weeks are always better than just one day. 🙂
        Tim and I are doing wonderful. Our little guy is just over a year old and getting bigger every day. Growing up too fast if you ask me, haha.
        All the best to you and Mike, and keep taking awesome photos! xo


  2. Holly: After taking an age to write the email I just sent I found this one from you and another. Perhaps this will teach me to check my emails a little more frequently.

    Getting into your 30’s isn’t bad, in fact I think I enjoyed my 30’s more than any other decade. Enjoy my dear.

    Jane xoxox


    • 🙂 Thank you for this message!! xoxoxo I also got your behemoth of an email, and I will write you shortly. It was a long one! !hahaha thank you, I loved reading every word of it! xxoxoo


  3. Ahh Holly, just looked at WordPress to find a few posts from those I followed. . Sorry I missed your birthday. . Hope you had a fantastic day. … remember this… never work on your birthday. .. it’s your day to do you thing’s xx


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