What a week…

Tuesday a long time friend (my lovely, beautiful, Australian Emily) was due to stay with us for several days throughout mid week.  I began the day of her arrival with a headache.  Things quickly took a dive and became a living nightmare.  If I could explain the feeling…

“Someone’s punched the back of my eyeballs, the retinas burn in lights, and on top of that a splitting pain sharp and erratic from the base of my skull to the crown of my head”.


Here I am laying in bed in my misery…hahah. 

I sat through a meeting with my eyes closed periodically for half of it…and had to keep taking deep breaths throughout the day to prevent myself from vomiting (hindsight: should not have gone to work).

I was at work for half a day before I succumbed and took my leave to head home and hide from daylight.  I’m on medicine to cure (hopefully) my lovely friend “mr stomach ulcer”.  He’s back again this year…  I’m not pleased, because this medicine causes these headaches…which can be quite severe and have sent me to the hospital previously.


Anyway, it was hard my first day with Emily as I was very ill well into the evening.  Things improved the next day, thankfully thought I still was feeling a degree of pain.

I’m sooo so so so pleased we got to spend some time with my dear friend.  While I was working for the rest of her visit Mike made sure she got to see local sights. Our last night we played the latest game of Mortal Kombat for a few hours (I think?) and couldn’t stop laughing.  You can play headless or armless…which makes for a comical battle!

Well, I was bummed to see her leave on Friday morning.  We’ve planned to fly over to Melbourne to see her very soon!

The one thing that has lingered on since Tuesday, is this crappy headache.  I’ve woken up to day 5 of dull achy head pain.  I want to shake my fist at the happy brain gods and force them to give my my happy brain back!

It’s such a shame that medicine that’s meant to make you well, has side effects that can certainly make you feel worse than when you started…

Even though I’ve got a bit of a bad head, it’s raining buckets out today (Saturday), and I’ve decided to change things up and get creative by… baking!

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 3.25.02 PM

I’ve just improvised with some ingredients, and made what I’m hoping has turned out to be a slightly exotic apple crumble… with coconut, almonds, brown sugar, dried fruits (apricot, currants, raisins) and coriander (in place of cinnamon as my lover does detest that spice!)  It’s a nice comfort to sense the butter and sugar and spice baking warm as it disperses the beautiful smell throughout the house!

Lastly, I thought I’d ad another dish that I made recently (I ate it at a cafe and loved it!)… ground chicken, coriander, crisp peanuts, carrot, leafy lettuce, red cabbage, avocado, sesame oil and lime with balsamic dressing.Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 3.24.50 PM

8 thoughts on “What a week…

  1. Dear Holly: I’m so sorry to hear how unwell you have been, and what a bummer when your friend was there. Still there will be other times for you to share. I would certainly keep in touch with the doctor about those headaches. Is this too much tension/anxiety? Please try and do some yoga breathing and if possible some meditation, though that’s easier said than done.

    I think John and I have decided to we are going to Arizona in October for a couple of weeks. Aunt Nan and Uncle Mike were here on Sunday and the guys had a good game of golf while Nan, Lisa and me (?) went shopping. I think the only thing we bought was a lovely lunch.

    Your apple crumble sounds/smells wonderful; I could almost taste it. It is one of my favourites. Tell Mike he doesn’t know what he is missing if he doesn’t like cinnamon. I was going to make a rhubarb and strawberry crumble today but ended up just cooking the fruit (with some lime instead of lemon – it neutralizes the acidity in the rhubarb so you hardly have to use any sugar. In fact I use honey) and had that with ice-cream. And your salad sounds and looks delicious, so I’m going to give that a try. John has been very good about having salads so I will keep going as long as I can.

    Okay my dear I have to go now and get ready for bed. I’m hoping to get back to exercise classes soon but have to go through another assessment. I’m just about to write to the person to book an appointment for it.

    Big hugs to you and do take care of yourself and be aware of any medication you take that has an adverse effect – stop taking it immediately.

    Love you lots, xoxo


  2. try this for size holly….my northumbrian twist on an italian classic

    500g of beef mince(or pork)
    2 large onions
    4 cloves of garlic
    plack pepper (Grinder)
    basil, dried (fresh is best)
    1 carrot
    sun dried tomatoes in olive oil, (option, parmesan cheese or fresh chilli pepper)
    tin chopped tomatoes
    tomatoe puree
    red wine
    olive oil or just veg oil


    finely chop 1 onion and 2 cloves of garlic, finely grate the carrot and combine the mince with these in a mixing bowl. add the dried basil(about a teaspoon full) salt and ground black pepper to your taste.
    mix this with your hands untill combined. form walnut sized meatballs, In the centre place an option of sun dried tomatoes (best in my mind) or parmasan or fresh chilli or even any mix of the options. form the meatball around the filling
    and put to one side, use the mince container as astorage untill ready to cook.


    1 onion,2 cloves of garlic, tin of tomatoes, squirt of puree, glug of red wine, (one for the pot 2 for the chef) salt, pepper, oil.


    to a hot frying pan(with oil, use the oil from the sun dried tomato) add the meatballs and fry untill browned. any onion that falls from the meatballs, leave in the pan to caramalise. remove from heat, put to one side and start the sauce.

    to a hot and oiled pan(sun dried tom oil again), add the chopped onion, cook untill softened. add the chopped garlic and simmer for a minute or two. add the tin of chopped tomatoes and bring to simmer. add the squirt of puree and mix in. add the glug of red wine, (then treat yourself to one)add seasoning and fresh basil, (use dried if no fresh) simmer to reduce the alcohol content. check and season to taste.

    once reduced down enough,place the frying pan back on the heat combine the sauce to the large frying pan and simmer.

    prepare some pasta/ spaghetti.

    when the pasta is done, portion up and place meatballs and sauce over the top….pipeing hot.


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