Eneabba, lets run away together.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 8.52.57 PM

 I’ll sort out my own breakfast though mr. spider…  thanks for offering!

Eneabba always offers up some excellent moments for photography.  Be it birds, wildflowers, the livestock or insects (hey even the people!) there is always something to admire and capture.

This weekend Mike and I spent a few days with Brian and Tessa while they sheared.  Mike definitely did more work than I, as I traipsed around the bush with Tessie (I felt so guilty!).  However, I did manage to make myself useful and cook some dinner and lunch… I hope that made up for my wandering.

It was a really nice getaway.

We brought a very nervous doggie back to the city with us for the week (whom was immediately chucked into the shower with me for a wash…).  With a belly full of dinner, she is now passed out on the bedroom floor.

I’ve heard some news that Coorow shire (where we seeded last year) has called for a moratorium on fracking (HURRAAAAY!) for their area, and I’ll be writing a bit more about that shortly.  We’re hoping that the Carnamah shire follows suit soon.


One thought on “Eneabba, lets run away together.

  1. Dear Holly, it’s always so nice to hear from you and to see your pictures. Glad you had such a lovely weekend. We didn’t do too much and so mainly stayed around the house. I was hoping to see some of the air show yesterday but I decided I should listen to my body instead so had a rest. John wasn’t keen on going so didn’t mind.

    Have to go but will be in touch soon. Love you lots.



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