New Portrait, Tunes & Architecture



I’ve been meaning to take a new portrait (it’s been nearly 1.5 years since I’ve done this), and finally got over my embarrassment (actually, honestly a little afraid to document my new chic wrinkles)…so went to our local park with my camera and tripod to take this portrait.  I’m really happy with this image, my last one I felt I looked stern and cold hearted…

Moving on…

It’s been a manic week here, I’ve been running around the city getting some images for work, and also navigating my new role while still handling my old one… transitioning between the two has been mildly stressful.  I’m excited despite the extra stress, as I’m going to be learning new skills in marketing.

Mike is away at the moment but we are preparing for the holidays for when he returns next week. We’ll by flying to Adelaide for 5 days, to spend time with his family…and after he heads back to work and I’ll fly solo to Melbourne to spend about a week there with some friends and finally return to Perth to celebrate the New Year with Mike.

I’ve taken the time today to relax, and despite taking this portrait in a silk dress…and red lipstick (it’s all a farce!) I’ve been wearing a sports bra and been walking 5km in the summer heat.  Just lolling about like I normally do durning the day…

This morning I listed a few tracks that I’ve been really into lately… so if you’re keen for something new please take a look.

Banks – Beggin for Thread 

Drake – Too Much (Remix – Jesse Andrews & Jason Burns)

Four Tet – Lion (Jaime XX Remix)

Best Coast – I’ve got something for you (a happy, fresh christmas tune…I avoid christmas music but this one is superb!)

Glass Animals – Gooey (Gillian Moss Remix)

Lia Ices – Thousand Eyes

If you like them, please share.



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