Australian Musician – LozzySee

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Lauren, alternately known as LozzySee.  She’s a pop singer and reality tv personality, based in Melbourne, Victoria.

We met through my friend over Christmas.  She has a hilarious sense of humour, and a habit of over sharing.  She also has the messiest car I’ve ever crawled into (though I’ve been assured this has since been sorted – there was photographic proof).

This shoot was at Abbotsford Convent which features some creepy abandoned but reclaimed buildings which are right next to a quaint family orientated children’s farm.  Turns out I’d been here before with Mike when we lived in Melbourne.

The strange connection was, a few months ago I’d seen a photo of a woman promoting herself in a music magazine in Perth.  I remember reading “Up and coming….LozzySee”.  The image stood out to me, as she was wearing kind of an 80 inspired workout ensemble.  When we met over the holidays she was showing me some promo images, and I realised I’d seen her once before.

It’s strange how the universe put us across each others paths.  Naturally we shot together and these images are the result.

4 thoughts on “Australian Musician – LozzySee

    • Hey Jesse, thanks! I use Canon 5d Mark III, with a 100mm marco lens 2.8. That’s the only lens I’ve been since since September… Previous to this many of the images were taken with a point and shoot Canon Powershot or a Canon 30d.

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    • Nope I never use filters (these image were just corrected with warmer tones (reds and yellow as it was cool and shady when we took the photos). Yeah it was nice to upgrade after having the 30 for 8 years! What sort of gear to you use?


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