Hello from…Tokyo!

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Mike and I have now been in Tokyo for nearly one day…  We’ll be in Japan for 3 weeks to snowboard, rest, eat plenty of amazing food and enjoy the mountain terrain in Hakuba.

We’ll be travelling from Tokyo to the mountains in three days, and will update you when we arrive.  I’m sure I’ll have taken a million images by then!

We’re keen to find out why it is, that some of the populations wears these face masks, and a large percentage do not.

Have you been to Japan before?  What were some of the highlights of your trip?  

Does anyone have an idea why some people choose to wear these masks?

Speak soon,

Holly & Mike

ps: We (disgracefully) do not know the language (only a few words).  Despite this the Japanese are so patient and kind to us.

14 thoughts on “Hello from…Tokyo!

  1. Hi Holly 🙂 I’m glad you have arrived safely! I’m still in Japan too (won’t be going skiing though)! And you are right I have no idea what I have been eating at times but it’s tasty and the Japanese are very patient and friendly 🙂 I think they wear masks as an option to the balaclava as it is so cold right now? Or surgeons mid-op on a delicious lunch run 🙂 or girls trying out extremely pigmented lipstick for the first time (trouble with colouring within the lines -my problem too..) my guess! What’s yours? Take care of yourselves, keep warm in this weather and have noodles and noodles of fun 🙂

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  2. Ahhh I don’t know if my long comment got posted? Summarised version
    -I’m glad you got there safely
    -take care of yourself in this weather
    – …
    I can’t seem to remember any more despite having commented less than a minute ago :/ anyway I can’t wait to see your pictures and hear all about your trip 🙂 I’m so happy you are relaxing and having fun 🙂 bye Holly!

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    • hahaha you’re so funny. Mike and I are laying here reading and your second comment popped up. It’s like we’re having a conversation. Where in Japan are you staying? What have you been up to since you’ve arrived?

      As for surgical masks…. we guessed it was us! haha a few times it’s almost looked as if people have seen us and decided to put them on 😦 we think it’s probably health related… Either way it’s funny that 10% wear it and the rest are totally nonchalant about it.

      Ah tomorrow we’re going to see some temples and go to Harujuku.

      Thanks for following the blog Su! Enjoy the time with your family. 🙂


  3. Oh this is embarrassing the comments did get posted! And my picture is a lime bat! With fairly accurate hair too! Like a palm tree! I am a lime bat with palm tree hair 😀


      • Eeeee I’m weirdly happy we are both online at the same time because it’s like text messaging on the Internet 😀 I’m in Osaka at the moment! Ahh they probably have a cold and prefer not to spread it to you 🙂 Ooh the temple architectures are so beautiful and the trees and flowers so delicate! I hope you have enough memory in your camera! I love your blog, always an interesting post to be read (even the no-longer-exists one about your foot and remedies heeheee..) 😀 Have a good night Holly and Mike 🙂


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