I had an “Alchemist” Moment

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.08.17 PM

Toogarr, 65 Bibbulmun Nation

This Saturday, before I walked to Heirisson Island to interview the people protesting, I was nervous.  I was looking out onto the balcony when a small honey eater bird came and perched on the rail.  It looked straight into my eyes and began to sing at me.

It felt like a song of encouragement.

A few days later I woke in the morning and began mulling over the traction of the interviews, and wondered if people would care about the issues and also be compelled to share the story too.

As I sat contemplating this, I noticed the small bird had returned.  But this time it was not alone.  It had brought two others with him.  I had three little birds watching me from the balcony.

I smiled to myself, and my eyes watered with happiness.

Last night the story of the protesters camping at Heirisson Island were tweeted out to over 30,000 people on Twitter.

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