Perenjori, Western Australia

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These photographs were taken during our trip North to Perenjori this past Sunday.  On the drive back from Mike’s footy game we paused to take in the spectacular sunset.  You just don’t see these colours in the city… except now in the morning we do get to enjoy epic sunrises from our bed… as we over look the city and Perth Hills.  Our move has been so refreshing.

My darling has flown back to work this morning and I’m now missing and will be waiting for him until he returns next week.

To help burn off some steam I hit the gym tonight for the first time.  It felt so good!  It’s been the first bit of exercise I’ve done for 2 weeks as I’ve been monitored with a heart device and previously have generally felt really weak.  I had a strange episode two weeks ago and was put under surveillance to see if there is an issue with my heart.  The worst part was the wires that stuck to me to take records, left terrible burn marks and itch to all hell!  I’m finally free of the device and am just waiting on the results.

I lieu of getting fresh air and general exercise I’ve been taking the time to dive into a book that I started way back in JAPAN.  It’s a behemoth, by John Steinbeck.

East of Eden.

It’s a deep, dark novel, but the words…they are like poetry.  Steinbeck describes the smallest of moments in a way that you can understand and acknowledge in yourself… his work highlights the subtly of human interaction and the unchanging pattern of our existence.  Humans will continue to love, hate, kill, breed, waste time…

My friend said the story sounded depressing and she was right.

That being said, I’m in the tail end of the novel and I cannot stop myself from reading it.

On that note, I bid you adieu.  I’m going to polish it off.

4 thoughts on “Perenjori, Western Australia

  1. Beautiful photos Holly. You must spend most of the day on all fours while hunting down photo oportunities! Steinbeck is an amazing writer. He and Hemingway are two of my favourites and both are masters of language. I hope your test results are clear.

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    • Thank you John. We’re due to head South in a few weeks for a camping trip – to a place which has all the flora you could imagine. I’m beyond excited (but my back will probably be sorry after 6 days of crouching). My test results were ok – heart’s all good and it is operating in the normal spectrum of where I heart should be beating. I am relieved. I’ve stopped having caffeine as a result and am hoping it was only a fluke and I’ll never need to think about it again.


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