The “creepy” sweating sniffer.

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This morning I woke up and found that I had been sweating in my sleep.  This is not an unusual occurrence, as sometimes I am soaked through and the bedding is too.

When I wake from those nights I generally smell sweet and soft, and find the smell comforting.

Surely I must not be the only person on the planet who finds their own scent pleasing?

I don’t just love the smell of me though, I actually find I cannot get enough of Mike.  Often I find myself getting really close to his neck and chest just to smell him.  The smell reminds me of a young child, it’s soft and delicate (not musty or sweaty ever!)  In fact, I might sound crazy saying this – but I’ve never smelt him with a foul scent.

This cannot be said in the reverse.  If I eat onions, my skin smells of onions, if I’m running around and sweating Mike sometimes hints that I may need a shower.  Basically, I do not always smell like a lady.

When he’s away I will grab his pillow and take a deep inhale.  Or if he’s left a sweater lying around – I’ll do the same. I’m addicted to his soft perfume.  Just to note, I only do this with pillows and sweaters – never socks and undies.

I have this feeling that this may be a common practice for people whom are separated from their loved ones.

While I’m writing this I’m still covered in my pyjamas and resting on the couch.  I’ve opened the doors on the patio, and while it’s only 6.00am the air is warm and is rushing through with that pleasing smell of a fresh new day.

The thing is I’ve been waking up in pools of sweat for a few years and I’d never really known what causes is.  I’m never too hot when I wake, in fact usually by the time I wake up I’m freezing as all the water has significantly cooled my body temperature.

A few weeks back now, I wrote briefly of having something happen to my heart (which happened during the day time).  I spent a week wearing a heart monitor afterward; which was absolutely not the most fun situation but it did give me some results or at least kind of an answer.

It’s name is “mild sleep apnea”.

I think it’s the answer to this mystery sweating.  Mystery solved!

I’m not the first person in my family to have this issue, as I do know someone older than I, whom snores used to snore loud enough to shake down a house.  But not anymore.  He wears this cyborg looking contraption and now sleeps as quiet as a mouse.

I’m not due to wear any thing but was told I am fine, and got a clear bill of health otherwise which is awesome.   At the moment I am delaying getting ready for work, because I’m enjoying the way I smell and taking in the view with today’s offering of fresh air.

Adieu for now.


8 thoughts on “The “creepy” sweating sniffer.

  1. Ah yes, to catch the familiar smell of a loved one when they are absent is certainly a comforting thing. And I find, as I am getting “slightly” older or maybe mature, that some scents, caught on a breeze or in passing, can evoke such vivid scent memories of a special person.

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    • I’ve just looked up a civet – how odd! It looks like a mix of jaguar and panda/racoon. I’ve never heard of one before until you’ve just mentioned it. It’s amazing. Sometimes I look back on photos of my pet lamb when he was young – and remember that smell of lanolin…ah it’s such a lovely smell.

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  2. Curtis is in the process of quitting smoking… 4 days now. And I picked up his sweater and for the first time in our relationship I wasn’t repelled by the cigarette smell. I am the same way with my sweating at night, and general unfeminine body odor. I wear mens deodorant and that helps.

    Morgan doesn’t give off the same baby sweet smell any more and I miss it. But he’s becoming such a cute little boy, the trade off is fine with me.

    Glad to hear your ticker is in good working condition…

    Also… I wake up in sweat if I eat later at night. Do you still do the 3am munchies too?

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  3. I know that Cathy and Nancy both
    use those machines so it must run
    in the family.However I don’t and as
    far as I know neither Lori or David do.
    Hope you don’t have to be outfitted !
    All my best wishes .

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