Fitzgerald River National Park, Western Australia

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We spent the last leg of our trip in Fitzgerald River National Park, which is a further 2 hours drive South from The Stirling Ranges National Park here in Western Australia.  It was here that we spent one night in a room Quaalup Homestead (which was really cool, and if you do get a chance you should definitely consider staying there).  This park is immense.  It covers 330000 hectares of protected wilderness.

Although our stay was relatively short, we did count it amongst the highlight of our trip for one reason…and one reason alone.

An energetic baby Southern Right Whale and a pod of 20 bottle nose dolphins were frolicking together in the shallow waves, whilst mum hung out further in deep water to keep an eye over her little playful calf.  This was at 7.00am with little to no wind…and absolutely no other tourists.  We had the beach all to ourselves and felt so privileged to be able to see this activity in the wild, unspoilt.

We also managed to spot a wallaby here, as well as crested tern, grand hakea and “red beaks” orchids.  The flora in this park is highly concentrated and boast some of the most diverse on the planet.

Have you been to Fitzgerald River National Park?  What was a highlight for you when you came?

10 thoughts on “Fitzgerald River National Park, Western Australia

    • We did try out the pancakes and also the scrambled eggs. Worked like magic. We ate so much food ahaha.. and did alot of hiking. I know you’re off on an adventure soon, and I’ll be envious too. We’re back in Perth now, straight into work. xo


    • ok true, the pancakes did look a little wonky, but they were delicious…with butter and raspberry jam to mask the fact that they were cooked in last nights burger grease… mmmm. I’d like to go back again with you too.


  1. Hi, I grew up in Bremer Bay and my brothers farm is only a couple of kilometres from the Fitzgerald River national park and I can remember when the Quaalup homestrad was a ruin, in fact I have photo’s of it when it was in a state of disrepair. So I really enjoyed looking at your photo’s.

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    • Hello GoandSlo – we did pop into Bremer Bay and it was very quaint. There was a gentleman we met whom owned quite a few of the local tourist spots (a winery, museum etc and a station near by). We loved the shoreline and found the whole area to be simply stunning. You lived in a very special place. Thank you for commenting.


      • that would be Max Wellstead, all those things in the museum I use to play on as a child when they were scattered around the farm, aah memories. The Wellstead family were the first settlers in Bremer in 1850.

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        • Yes that’s his name. We chatted to him for quite a bit. I had to learn more about this one piece he had in the museum. It was a funeral cart from Transylvania…and it was terribly macabre! He was very enthusiastic and hard to believe he was nearly 80!

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