The Forest Swords

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About a month ago – Mike and I were in a record shop (Diabolik Books & Records) in Mount Hawthorn looking for Cards against Humanity.  If you’ve not heard of this offensive game – please look it up.  We were hosting some friends and stayed up late with deep belly laughter over the rediculousness and creativity that came out of this game and our minds.  Warning – This game is not for the pure of mind.

Back to the record shop – we heard this intricate – unusual music playing. I was almost too embarrassed to ask what it was – but I knew it was obscure and the chance of ever hearing it again would be slim.

I. am. that. person.

desperation in needing to know < potential embarrassment

The sales person was really helpful and wrote down the artist and album for me.  “Forest Swords” the album – “Engravings”.  The entire album flows really nicely – and can indeed feel at times partly medieval spliced with indian sounds.  It’s relaxing and uplifting simultaneously.  If you’re keen to get a full copy – it can be bought on iTunes and was released in August 2013.

If you’re wanting to hear something a little different – or get a feel for what I’m rambling on about:

The Forest Swords – The Weight of Gold

The Forest Swords – Thor’s Stone

Also – I’d like to thank a few friends and family for emailing and putting their hands up for the Australian/Canadian food swap.  I was too pleased to see quite a few emails waiting for me this morning.  Yey, you are all amazing!!  My junk food dreams might become a reality soon!

ps: The photo is from our camping trip in September – that is located in Fitzgerald River National Park.

pps: A slew of new music has been compiling on this list that I’ve been keeping here.

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